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  1. That’s exactly what I think, especially what I highlighted in bold 😉
  2. Wow.. totally arcade? I don’t know exactly what you mean with “arcade”, but I think with all driving aids on is probably very arcade. With NO driving aids, is maybe far from real cars but TOTALLY ARCADE i don’t think (IMHO, of course 😉 )
  3. I think this is the point: I keep saying I’m pretty sure that what is fascinating for the most F1 game “buyers” is the whole environment, including names, sponsor, carshape, rules, circuits, daylights (and nightlights), weather... To be honest, I don’t think Verstappen, Leclerc, Albon and so on do care about it... don’t them? They ARE who F1 fans like imitating, so they don’t need imitating themselves 😉 And probably is reasonable if they try a racing game they focus on car realism... But I suspect there is more gap between a very good sim game and the truth than between a very good sim game and the actual official F1 game...: real F1 teams have issues with their own simulators (and they are more expensive than 50-60$$ also because of the simulation software, not just for the mechanical infrastructure...) That’s why it should be great if CM would implement a better physics model (maybe with next gen consoles...? Not sure, anyway...) but probably is not so “mission critical”: for the average gamers, car physics is good enough even if far from perfection. And I agree it’s true that creating a scalable model from arcade to sim is possible, but I guess also getting closer to the “edge” of the “very real simulation” increases the development costs exponentially, and if this is for a few amount of customers, then no margin = no feature... 😉
  4. Oh yes! I didn’t mentioned GP4, and neither 3 and 2 because I consider Crammond’s work absolutely great. I can't imagine what we could have today if he continued to work... To be honest, I remember Ubisoft and EA titles giving the annoying sensation to have the cars “rotating” around a central point when steering (if I’m not wrong probably EA reduced this issue in last titles). I agree that about 20 years after last Crammond GP, in the official F1 game are still missing some setup parameters, and telemetry is available only with 3rd party tools (these were available even in GP2). I love F1 too, and I love playing a game that makes me feel a little bit close to F1 experience. From my feeling, after several “dark” years especially with Sony exclusive and the first Codemaster’s titles too, starting from probably 2016 CM gives me something “similar” to GP series; I don’t feel the cars so “bad”, and the environment is pretty good. I mean: lots of improvements could be done, but I suppose the most of the customers don’t search the real simulation, but a good compromise. Ok, I’m pretty sure it does not simulate a real contemporary F1 car. But I’m also petty sure neither other consumer games give a real feedback... that’s why I think CM should improve sim features, but it is not so “Mission critical” for the company. I do not “defend” CM... 🙂 I have no reason for this ... I just guess any game is pretty far from reality, as I recently read that even the Scuderia Ferrari’s simulator has troubles in computing the real tyre consumption....
  5. I agree about Sony exclusive contract and how it has been BAD. But, just to be sure... did you used both EA F1, Sony F1 and Codemasters games? Because I used them, and in graphics, physics, environment IMHO CM is quite better than EA, and REALLY better than Sony. I think there’s a lot of room for enhancements, but there’s also a lot of good content. I think the game reproduces the F1 CONTEST better than others, and even if probably to improve the physics engine it should be re-written, this one should not be completely forgotten during his re-building. This is just to share the opinion from one of the F1 fans who does not criticize the product at all (as already said, nor sure about net code side, that I agree is a crucial point)
  6. He never uninstalled it.... He raced also in RaceForTheWorld contest (last day just yesterday ...) 😉 🙂
  7. Guys, from my point of view you’re talking about something the VERY MOST part of customers do not care: how many players really tried a real F1 car? I mean in a real competition, not just few laps with recent cars which you can buy for some hundreds $$ or €€. I suppose not many people... 😉 And what’s the percentage of guys like you who are interested in how more or less “realistic” is the car reaction in the corners comparing CM game with iR or others? Cars CAN TURN, and if I put my tyres over the track edge I loose control in a pretty “realistic” way even with CM F1 2019. This is what the very most part of customers think, I suppose. F1 fans are really interested in what a real F1 driver feels during the race weekend: environment, real steps of the race (fp, qual, race), with REAL race rules, ALL real F1 tracks, all real sponsor labels, etc. Of course, also a reasonable sensation of “driving feeling”, with tires consumption, DRS effect, and basically a minimum of physics which should be “similar” to the truth and allows to engage credible battles with competitors. Please, let me say that if from the point of car physics is probably weaker than other products, from the “environmental real Formula One“ side the other products are REALLY, REALLY weaker... just because lots of elements are missing. I am a F1 fan, and I’ve been also a real simulations fan in the past (when I had more time to spend... 😉 ). I realize CM game does not simulate perfectly, but, please... ARCADE is another thing ... Simcade could be a better definition. And as F1 fan, I always needed to find in a game the largest amount of F1 elements available. And after a real F1 race weekend, if I play CM F1 Game I have a great feeling about it, no matter if “the rear suspensions don’t react exactly as in real cars”: because the suspensions DO REACT also in CM game, probably less good reaction, but it’s enough. And probably because no games you can buy for few dozens $$/€€ can REALLY reproduce a REAL F1 car suspension... And I think this is the opinion of the most part of F1 customers. Other kind of problem is the online gaming: I do not use it (no time available for good and serious races: they need scheduled training...), but if it is so weak as you describe, it should be improved as a very critical point: an official eSport game which crashes often in online challenges is of course a very bad product. FIA itself should make pressure directly to devs about this point