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  1. The engineer definitely has the face of 'bloody drivers' on.  On the old circuit I did prefer that layout, we have enough Tilke tracks already and the new track misses something for me. That said it is a good track, much better than most Tilke original tracks. 
  2. Any tennis fans about? Personally really enjoying Wimbledon so far this year, some great matches already. Murray looked pretty good earlier.
  3. We're not getting a goal in this Ecuador France game are we :(
  4. Just thought I'd point out that the #95 Aston Martin leads in GTE-Am, what a great way to honour Allan Simonsen if they could take this. Edit - Oh bugger I just cursed it, #95 in the garage.
  5. I'm back. Turns out I've not really been able to follow this one as closely as I would have liked this year. It's definitely been an eventful one, so many stories including the ones of achievement out of adversity that Le Mans always throws up. As disappointed as Toyota will be with the #7 the efforts of the #8 coming back from that far down to be in a podium is fantastic. Rebellion looking like getting a car to the end is a great story as well.
  6. Afternoon everyone. I'm back after being 'off the grid' really for the last week hence I missed qualifying. Anyway the news so far in the race is that the Nissan ZEOD is sadly already out of the race 40 minutes in. Terminal gearbox failure.
  7. There's plenty of American drivers kicking around at the moment that could do the job. Rossi and Conor Daly being the leaders imo.
  8. Thought yesterday's qualifying was the most entertaining of the year so far. All 3 parts of it as well with it being so close throughout places 3-22. I wasn't really that bothered with the front row because you knew who was going to be there. Would have preferred Lewis on pole but then again he should just be able to sit behind Nico till lap 3, wait for DRS and then take off. For me the pressure is still on Nico to step up and fend Lewis off.
  9. Have to agree with SynGamer, Haas is no mug. You don't run indycar and nascar teams for as long as he has without some sort of a brain. But trying to do a USF1 and basing the team in the States, hmm not sure. I do hear that the plan for a US base may be scrapped though, ie the reason they've delayed till 2016. He was in the Ferrari garage for qualifying and thought straight away an engine deal would be why. Would be a wise choice, seems to have done Marussia good. I'm all for a female driver as long as she's quick and is there on talent, not a marketing exercise. So in that case don't you dare
  10. All friendly banter really. They're in the same umbrella company after all.
  11. I think the noise is that it will be more of a Honda project than a McLaren project or a 50/50. Two things to consider with the potential for a Honda project. 1) Wirth Research have worked with Honda Performance Development for years in LMP2 and were preparing for an assault on LMP1. They stopped and handed over all the work, this wasn't for a customer car like the LMP2 car that Strakka and several others ran at Le Mans and in the ALMS. Why? 2) Honda are building a pretty big race engineering facility in Milton Keynes that's apparently for McLaren's F1 stuff and WTCC. McLaren already have a hu
  12. Mostly on the Radio Le Mans Midweek Motorsport Collective facebook group (very knowledgeable group of people) and on the WEC sub-reddit. There was also a mention of a big announcement on the way on RLM a few weeks back on Midweek Motorsport, but they couldnt go into absolute detail at the time. May not sound like much but RLM do pride themselves on giving their listeners a heads-up as soon as they can and reliably as well. The motorsport media in general, especially F1 media can be pretty slow to pick up on things and inaccurate whereas sportscars' guys in know are totally different. Put it th
  13. Yeh Ferrari were being rumoured last year. Also a certain Mr F Alonso is the official starter of the race this year. My money is on them with the powerplant being the F1 engine. They'll need to improve it a hell of a lot though to run well at Le Mans. But then again by doing an LMP1 project with the same engine you basically give yourself a load of testing track time that you wouldn't get with F1.
  14. Yep you're right Silverstone was a much closer affair. I think on the straights is where the Toyota really gets to use its outright speed from all that power which I believe has now been quoted at MORE than 1000bhp instead of 987bhp at Spa. In terms of aerodynamic grip I reckon Toyota and Audi are both pretty strong and evenly matched, which is to be expected as both cars' bodywork are heavily derived off already 2 year old developed packages. Porsche perhaps lack a bit but they'll catch up towards the end of this WEC season like Toyota did in their first year. By the way guys, I'm hearing and
  15. Audi are perhaps 3-4kph slower than Toyota now. At Spa this was more like 10. 
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