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    What do you want in F1 2014? GAME IDEAS

    Formula 1 is just an amazing sport, and even though this is just a fans point of view on what the game developers should come up with. I hope they could see this, and maybe take up a few of my ideas or even nearly all of ours. This just "my' opinion on what they should do;  an opinion is like a belly button, everyone has one! Now my ideas are... - Include more Nationalities. (Suggestion)Reason - Their aren't a lot of nation that are on the Nationality List that you can choose from that should be on the list. Many other games are able to include every country or at least a right amount of them such as Battlefield 4 or Black Ops 2 and probably a lot more games that include them all, and you even have a large list on the website to choose from, so it be nice to incorporate that into the game if it's possible, it's not a huge issue but it would be nice to have all of them to choose from instead of the "Other Flag" option that they have.( I'm a military brat, and even though my Nation is America. I am a resident of Kenya, and it would be nice to fly their flag it's not that heart breaking not being able to because, I'm not born from Kenya but still it would be nice being able to inlcuding a lot of other peoples countries or nationalities flags.)- Include past Helmets, and new ones. (Suggestion)Reason- In my opinion the 2013 helmet choices were crap compared to 2012 or 2011, if you could incorporatethe old helmets from the past 2011, 2012 games and even the 2013's helmets with brand new ones that would be impressive, and awesome.- Include the teams on your helmet (Suggestion)Reason- In the 2011 game they have a little slip patch on the visor of your helmet including what team you were apart of I found this awesome, and also disappointing that the other 2 games after it didn't have them included onto the helmet. I want to really feel apart of the team, and want a cool design of the team I'm driving on included onto my helmet. I don't really appreciate having a blank none sponsored helmet.- Customized Characters?(Suggestion)Reason- I find it boring after awhile just looking at a character with a blank outfit on with a blank black helmet on as a profile picture compared to the other drivers. I know that it would be difficult to include onto the game, but it still would be nice to have that option; EA Sports even has a character customization on their website that you can use for your Football, Soccer, Basketball, Golf, UFC or Hockey player. Be very nice to have your own customized character on the game. Including what race they are as well, it can be very unfair to a black guy or even the whole race of the girls who play the game, and you could at least include a skin color and gender for them.- Harsh Penalties Online(Suggestion)Reason- I hate when some person just feels like throwing me off the track, and my car is either trashed or destroyed and I get DNF for the race. PLEASE HARSHER PENALTIES ONLINE.- Realistic Damaging(Suggestion)Reason- I've hit the wall plenty of times at of at least near full speed, and only loss my tires or my wing. Why doesn't the car get smashed in and i'm out of the race? Sometimes I even bounce of the wall, and I'm perfectly fine try and incorporate something new into the game with damage physics. -Include cars from the 70's 80's 90's and 2000 to 2010. (Suggestion)Reason- Really the only thing I like about 2013 is the 80's and 90's cars. NOTHING on the 2013 game itself. Maybe you can create a game for only these cars or include them on your new game whatever it may be but still it would be exciting to drive Ayrton Senna's car or even the other greats.- New Dialogue(Suggestion)Reason- Find it annoying after awhile in the race to hear a repeat from the pit announcer- Include the past tracks(Suggestion)Reason- Even though we have a decent amount of tracks to choose from it be nice to drive on some the legendary 70's, 80's or 90's tracks.-Interviews(Suggestion)Reason- be nice to have interviews before the races and after the races, and also when you win the race in podium just like they do in real life, and also even hear the choices of the other drivers, and even yours.- Custom Voice (Suggestion)Reason- If you do bring interviews back it wouldn't be that annoying not to hear what you chose your driver to say but it still would be sweet to hear what he had to say back with whatever voice option you chose.- Lag Online(Suggestion)Reason - Find it annoying when I'm driving online and I pass someone and get first for a little while and out of no where i just get pushed into last and everyone lags in front of me or when i'm about to pass someone and they lag half across the track.- Team Manager Mode(Suggestion)Reason- be nice being able to lead your own team, and even have a car of your own choice with a design and sponsors on it.- All Consoles(Suggestion)reason- I don't like the new consoles nor do i want to spend 2 times the price the old systems were worth when they came out, plus their are a lot of people who are still on the old systems that just don't want to leave because it's the system that we prefer this wouldn't be a problem for me because I'm probably going to invest in the ps4, but still be nice to play on the older systems with a lot of life still on them.