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  1. Fascinating. @Loore thanks for the reply (finally).
  2. Indie is short for independent you morons. @Loore @Photonik good posts.
  3. 1 - yeah, it's pretty good, though I don't know if I'll still be addicted to the handling in six months let alone six years (I still play GRID1). 2 - yawn. 3 - yawn. No offence intended, I just don't like playing online, so these features are nothing to me. Instead of your 2 and 3 mine would be: 2. The AI, despite it's SERIOUS FLAWS, is something I like about GAS. AI is so dull in most racing games, and by comparison GAS is good. Actually it's very realistic if you define "realism" as being an emulation of the average online ramhappy moron. Besides, the AI seems less aggressive after the last
  4. It's been asked twice in this thread already but still no answer, third time lucky? Do these cars appear in career mode or not? If so, are they only used by the AI or do we get to drive them (with the right team offer)?
  5. Um, CM is an indie. So you just kinda made an idiot of yourself with that post. So sorry.
  6. I didn't either until the last patch. You can't miss it, it's fecking loud.
  7. I get the distinct feeling that Loore is as much in the dark as the rest of us. He's not a developer. And I don't think the actual developers touch these boards.
  8. Codies have the F1 license and that's a licence to print money, for now. But if Project Cars and Assetto Corsa both turn out well then I agree CM are going to have to up their game to stay competitive.
  9. Look what I found tucked away in the settings file: http://s23.postimg.org/mpfmfoel5/Mirror.jpg Unfortunately it's reversed (left-to-right) :-/
  10. God the controls are soooooo much better without that awful deadzone! :)
  11. Does that mean you guys are doing it properly, meaning the actual mirrors are functional instead of just a rectangle on the screen? Also does today's patch reduce the AI's love of the PIT manoeuvre?
  12. It doesn't do anything on real computers for real men. If you're a girl it lets you drive by tilting your tablet I think.
  13. Pretty sure you said that last week. And the week before.
  14. Funny, wasnt it supposed to come out this week? What a coincidential delay with the booster dlc for the grabs now............. The patch was delayed because QA raised a few things. It's a bit bigger than normal what with the rear view mirror and advanced controller options going into it. We'd rather delay and wait, instead of putting it out unfinished, am sure you'd be first in line to shout at us if that was the case. Advanced controller options is two lines of code and you know it. Rear view mirror is a virtual one IIRC, meaning a rectangle at the top of the screen, which is no work
  15. Myth: if a developer releases buggy software it's because they didn't adequately test and were not aware of the bug(s). Reality: if a developer releases buggy software it's because the management, fully aware of the bugs, decided it was "good enough" to release. Source: almost twenty years experience in software development.
  16. Did Loore really say that? God, you really can't trust CM as far as you can throw them.
  17. You ran that race with catchup.xml deleted?
  18. TL77 said: It was planned but that doesn't mean it isn't buggy.
  19. @Loore any planned changes to the AI's constant punting?
  20. @TheKazzyMac‌  I think I got those circuits confused in my post - it was Istanbul where I did a sub-1:30 and Nathan beat it by a tenth.
  21. It gives you what you want no? It lessens the effects of AI in the challenge but still keeps the 'fastest lap' style mechanic? Either you were seriously sleep deprived when you wrote that or you were being deliberately obtuse.
  22. Actually I don't think this "mod" makes the game harder, actually it was a bit easier overall, but it makes it feel like you and the AI are on more of an even footing. It takes longer to get to 3rd from 16th but it's actually easier to then get from 3rd to 1st.
  23. I raced Istanbul Intermediate twice in a Razer Focus Cat C TC (1 engine upgrade, low tuning capability) and got the fastest lap both races though I don't remember the times. Also raced Sepang (a short layout, can't remember the name) in the same car, got fastest lap in first race with around 1:30, second race did a sub-1:30 lap but Nathan beat it by a tenth.
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