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  1. Here are three things from me:

    1)  Vehicle handling - I think CM have done a great job with this.  It has a sim feel but not so much as to be totally unforgiving if you make a bit of mistake.

    2)  Racenet challenges - really like this, adds an extra element of competition

    3)  Racenet Clubs/Team - Love this concept and really hope CM build on this for future titles (and maybe look to PGR4 for a bit of inspiration!)

    1 - yeah, it's pretty good, though I don't know if I'll still be addicted to the handling in six months let alone six years (I still play GRID1).

    2 - yawn.

    3 - yawn. No offence intended, I just don't like playing online, so these features are nothing to me.

    Instead of your 2 and 3 mine would be:

    2. The AI, despite it's SERIOUS FLAWS, is something I like about GAS. AI is so dull in most racing games, and by comparison GAS is good. Actually it's very realistic if you define "realism" as being an emulation of the average online ramhappy moron. Besides, the AI seems less aggressive after the last patch - though that could be luck and/or my imagination.

    3. Heavily customisable experience. I especially like the option to increase race length up to 5X.

  2. Loore said:
    sucr4m said:
    Loore said:
    Regarding repair costs, we will be lowering them in an upcoming patch, hopefully next week.
    Funny, wasnt it supposed to come out this week? What a coincidential delay with the booster dlc for the grabs now.............
    The patch was delayed because QA raised a few things. It's a bit bigger than normal what with the rear view mirror and advanced controller options going into it. We'd rather delay and wait, instead of putting it out unfinished, am sure you'd be first in line to shout at us if that was the case.

    Advanced controller options is two lines of code and you know it. Rear view mirror is a virtual one IIRC, meaning a rectangle at the top of the screen, which is no work at all (especially if you're not going to optimise it, and let's face it, you won't). If you were implementing proper mirrors in the interior views then I could believe there is some work involved, but a rectangle and a menu toggle? Who have you got working on this, an intern?

  3. I ran a race a Touring Race on Hard at Sepang, Qualified Pole 1.456 seconds quicker than Nathan McKane (Ravenwest).  Yet in the race Aaron Westley (Ravenwest) Got the Xtra Bonus Point for running 3 seconds quicker during the race. That's the largest Example of Rubberbanding I have seen.

    You ran that race with catchup.xml deleted?

  4. TL77 said:

    Read the blog and it seems to be a planned feature. However I still don't quite understand how it happens with automatic gears. I can't control how the automatic gearbox shifts gears.

    It was planned but that doesn't mean it isn't buggy.

  5. Loore said:
    > people complaining about AI behavior in both Time Attack and Race RaceNet challenges
    > developer decides to bias non-party-fun challenges towards Time Attack

    such logic, wow

    It gives you what you want no? It lessens the effects of AI in the challenge but still keeps the 'fastest lap' style mechanic?

    Either you were seriously sleep deprived when you wrote that or you were being deliberately obtuse.

  6. I raced Istanbul Intermediate twice in a Razer Focus Cat C TC (1 engine upgrade, low tuning capability) and got the fastest lap both races though I don't remember the times. Also raced Sepang (a short layout, can't remember the name) in the same car, got fastest lap in first race with around 1:30, second race did a sub-1:30 lap but Nathan beat it by a tenth.

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