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  1. Yeah, that appears to be what we're limited to. It does work. I play on Very Hard, 5x Race Distance. What I've seen with this change: No more crazy lap times from Ravenwest (or anyone else). Starting at the back of the pack it takes me 6-10 laps to reach the front instead of 1-2 laps. If someone spins out they don't nitro back up to the pack. Pack gets more spread out over the course of the race.
  2. Damn, seems like the game is doing a checksum or similar on this file. Changing just one character trips the anti-piracy BS.
  3. @Kaerar It's in some sort of binary format, not text, and BinXML refuses to work on this particular file. But I'll try what you said and see if it works. @Loore of all the files to cram your damn copy protection into why this one??? ><
  4. There is a problem! It doesn't save career progress. See my edit to the OP. This is annoying. In previous games the catchup.xml file (which hold the params for rubber banding in all CM racing games) could be converted to text using BinXML and then edited, but this doesn't work in GAS, so I took the extreme step of deleting it but that seems to have activated some sort of anti-piracy measure in the game. I'm going to try creating an empty catchup.xml file and see if that works.
  5. Yeah, it's not horrific but it's there, both ways (they catch up to you, but also slow down when ahead so you catch up to them).
  6. Go to "AI" folder and delete (or move or rename) catchup.xml Done. Makes a huge difference to SP. No idea what will happen if you try this in MP. Edit: oh bugger, there is a problem. Career progress is not saved! *sigh* back to the drawing board
  7. @Loore any planned changes to the AI's constant punting?
  8. Saying F1 physics > GAS physics is not the same as saying F1 physics = perfect.
  9. This game doesn't need sportsmanship or manners or CM employees playing. What it needs is rules, just like RL. Can you imagine how RL racing would be if there were no rules? It would be like a CM game but with really realistic damage. Oh, and death. Automated penalties (even up to and including disqualification) for drivers who break the most basic real-life racing rules wouldn't be difficult to code, but CM won't do it. My guess at the reason is that most of their customers don't want their game "ruined" by "boring" rules and, as we know, CM like their money.
  10. BTW I have noticed that some tracks suffer minor graphical problems at the sides of the screen when you go wider than 16:9, such as glitched shadows (only at the edges). It's minor and not too noticeable when driving because your attention is mostly dead ahead.
  11. @langoorji  The game unfortunately has to run at the same resolution as desktop, at least on my PC (GTX 560) otherwise fubar things happen (wrong aspect ratios, stretched pixels, etc). I manually change my desktop resolution before playing, then put it back again afterwards. In the game you should leave Aspect Ratio at Auto to get the correct view. So like this: Nvidia Control Panel: 1920x810 desktop with "Aspect Ratio" scaling. GRID Autosport: 1920x810 resolution with "Auto" aspect ratio.
  12. Do you have an Nvidia card? If so, Resize Desktop (in Nvidia Control Panel) then select new resolution in game.
  13. So these cars won't appear in career mode?
  14. How can it be outside your control when you're an independent developer?
  15. Oh god. Sorry but I really don't have the time or patience to explain simple things to morons. I know at least some people from CM read these boards, and I know they know what's happening in that video. Hopefully they'll fix it. @Operator1 thanks for the support but your effort was wasted I fear.
  16. Yeah, there is too much of a gap between Ravenwest and everyone else. It ends up being a three car race (with a huge gap to fourth) way too often. On the positive side, Ravenwest do actually make (small) mistakes now. In GRID they didn't even do that.
  17. Depends what you want. GAS isn't meant to be a sim, it's meant to be "authentic" and FUN. And in open wheel I think it certainly succeeds in being fun thanks mostly to the drifty physics which are a blast. But F1 2013 is far more realistic and complete. It asks more of the player and gives them more in return.
  18. What's with the percentage obsession on these forums? A percentage is utterly meaningless. 80% of what? I think the AI in GAS is absolutely fantastic bar one massive, massive, MASSIVE problem, which is their homicidal aggression. IRL even high-contact disciplines have rules about avoidable collisions. A bit of argy-bargy is great but when the AI piles full throttle down the inside and rams you clean off the track something is very wrong and needs fixing. And in GAS this happens ALL THE TIME.
  19. Dear Codemasters, Here is my video review of GRID Autosport. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SFoUIWswsis&feature=youtu.be Regards, Guy
  20. GRID Autosport overtake AI: If OvertakeAttempts < 5 then AttemptOvertake; OvertakeAttempts += 1; else BargeOffTrack; endif;
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