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  1. Bizarrely, I find it easier to drive in this game with the assists off. Unlike GRID1 which is definitely easier with the assists on.
  2. So, um, hello? I can record a YT video if that helps but don't want to waste my time if this is just some misunderstanding like, I dunno, it's national backwards day or something.
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e_1HDfCIZ40&feature=player_detailpage#t=11  GAS AI really likes the PIT manouvre. But seriously, on the whole pretty good. Certainly a big improvement on GRID1. I do hope this is not the best AI ever though, that would be depressing.
  4. After more testing I'm now certain this is due to race length, Badically gb damage accumulates at the same rate for "Normal" as for "5X" so if you race at 5X you end up with five times more gb damage.
  5. Brake bias seems to be backwards? Or labelled backwards. Put it "Front" and your rear wheels lock up and produce oversteer, put it "Rear" and your front wheels lock up and produce understeer. Am I missing something here or is this just a dumb mistake in the game?
  6. I have my gear ratios set long enough to accelerate all the way along the straights. Brake bias generally to the front, though in one car I had to push it to the rear to get my nose in on the corners. I do tend to favour an open differential - could that possibly contribute to gb damage?
  7. Hey, your cockpit cam has no blur! Any way to get the same thing on a normal screen?
  8. Would aggressive throttle wreck an automatic gb irl? If you are bouncing on the limiter and spinning tires out of every corner, something is going to get damaged, right? As for the game, I'm not sure if this is actually the case. In fact, I've been told by my race engineer I have gearbox damage after a few minor collisions without losing ground with my competitors and my gears (at least the ones in use) still being there. I'm making a realistic assumption based on the information you gave. How would an automatic bounce off the limiter? Regardless, thanks for the clarification. I do
  9. Roof cam plz. Interior cam blur toggle in options plz. Bumper cam and chase cam are both too low for my liking, especially chase cam where you literally can't see the racing line aid.
  10. Yay! I hope. Notes plz plz plz
  11. Would aggressive throttle wreck an automatic gb irl?
  12. Both. By the end, gear changes are horrific.
  13. Really? U sure? Cos I've raced Street, Open and Touring and my gearbox always, always degrades as the race goes on, and is "shot" (in the words of my radio guy) by the end. No collisions, just racing. I've got the race distance at 5x usually but I tried 3x and the gearbox just degraded faster so that it was still "shot" by the end.
  14. Why does my (Automatic) gearbox get almost completely destroyed every single race? Does this happen to anyone else?
  15. You sure they don't have upgrades?
  16. I've installed the 4k textures DLC and now my game stutters. Problem is I can't find a way to uninstall/disable it! Steam version.
  17. So far it's good. I like the handling, which feels like a sort of halfway house between GRID1 and F1 2013. I have two complaints/requests. Firstly, PLEASE let me adjust the dead zone and linearity on my Xbox 360 controller. Secondly there is some sort of bug (memory leak maybe) that causes the game to start freezing and unfreezing every other second after long gaming sessions. Restarting the game fixes it, but if you're halfway through a race you have to Alt+F4 and start over. Very annoying. Edited to add: the cockpit view is a bit naff, but better than nothing.
  18. July 1st is approaching. Do I understand correctly that if Steamworks isn't done by then, we won't be able to play the game at all (at least not without progress being lost)?
  19. Grrr this is infuriating. Game keeps flaunting cars at me and saying "hey look, you could buy this" AND I CAN'T. I've been sold half a game which is offensive enough but being completely unable to buy the other half is even worse!
  20. Ah, CMR2. Skid.Fly.Crash, smash, land, sigh........."care"
  21. Yes, but the instructions you gave me were for an Xbox. Anyway... I found this. http://support.xbox.com/en-GB/xbox-on-other-devices/windows/pc-marketplace-closing So I guess I can't get the DLC until they patch in Steamworks?
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