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  1. I love the way codies have managed to get such a... not "realistic" but believable feeling to the gamepad driving in their games, while still making it easy enough to control the car. I have GRID, DiRT, DiRT 3 and F1 2013 and they all play remarkably well on a controller even with the assists turned off. Obviously a wheel is (or at least should be) the best option in a driving game but it's good to have other viable options and I really appreciate what codies have accomplished for gamepad players.
  2. I also don't like the Gymkhana at all. I don't mind that it's in there, but I do very much mind that it is mandatory. I'm at the first (of many, presumably) Gymkhana event right now and it seems I have to get 3rd place or better to advance any further in the career. This strikes me as a pretty stupid way to make a game frankly. I like racing, against opponents or the clock. I didn't sign up for this car dressage BS. Next time let me skip it please!
  3. Dirt 3 doesn't seem to recognise my wheel. When the game launches it says "press start or enter" but pressing start on the wheel does nothing. I can press enter then go to controls and manually set up the wheel that way, but there is no force feedback. Is the Logitech Driving Force EX supposed to be supported or not? If it is, how do I get the game to recognise it?
  4. @RubyRuby

    Good post (what you liked about GRID). I agree it's unique in the racing genre.

    "The handling physics in GRID are not realistic, but they are immersive, plausible and persuasive."

    Well put. Very well put! I find that slippery, rally-like pseudo-realistic handling to be extremely addictive. GRID is how old now? And I still play it (while GRID 2 gathers metaphorical dust in my Steam library). Simply taking a car out on a deserted track is fun in GRID thanks to the marriage of that bonkers handling model to bumpy, hilly tracks.
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