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  1. Just a minor little issue with Trackside Replays in Wales where the engine sound cuts out. I first reported the issue on 22/07/19 here: ...and again on 07/08/19 here: It still remains so I'm hoping it can be sorted in the not too distant future as I like to use Trackside Replays often.
  2. Yeah @JorritVD I also posted about Germany Replays here: https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/38541-germany-trackside-replays-zoom-out-a-bit/ and nothing has changed. There are still sound issues in the Trackside Replays for Wales too. It's a bit disappointing :(
  3. I thought I might bump this one as it's nearly a year later and the "trackside" replays still show those outside shots!!! Can we have a reply/comment from Codemasters?
  4. scottish-jim

    Estering, Germany - Available Now

    Not really @mwoodski Codemasters should know how the DLC release system works across the different platforms. By all means announce it's coming but as I mentioned above, they could easily wait and check the DLC is actually available to all before making the "it's available now" announcements. Could save some grief!
  5. scottish-jim

    Estering, Germany - Available Now

    He He - Fair enough @BendyWater Here's a radical idea: Codemasters release DLC a day or two early and then, when it's available for all platforms and regions, make the announcements 🤔
  6. scottish-jim

    Estering, Germany - Available Now

    PS4 Deluxe There's always an issue with DLC for me. I got the in-game notification this morning, then a tweet saying the usual rolling out bit It's now 3pm and Estering is there but I've got to pay for it!!! I'm fed up 😞
  7. PS4 Standard - Deluxe Version - Logitech G29 I previously posted a video showing the engine sound disappearing in a Wales Trackside Replay This video shows clips from three different stages with the same issuetaken from dailies near the end of July. I hope maybe this time it will get some form of acknowledgement.
  8. PS4 Standard/Deluxe Edition/Logitech G29 I thought it was missing when I did the daily too. But I checked my recording and the call was early but there.
  9. scottish-jim

    Adjust AI level on DiRT Rally 2.0 profile

    Back again 🙂 Is there a way to adjust the AI or not? I've stopped doing AI Daily, Weekly and Monthly Challenges now... A waste of time IMO
  10. PS4 Standard/Deluxe Edition/Logitech G29 As above ^^^ Why is it always a problem getting DLC? In game Store shows purchased - Not in Garage! PS Store - When I click Download nothing happens!!! The in-game announcement seems pointless unless they were to mention we need to wait... Any idea how long I need to wait? (UK Location) Edit: One hour later the cars are in the garage Please amend the notification to say we may need to wait for the DLC to appear!
  11. PS4 Standard | Deluxe Version | Logitech G29 Hello again 👋 My 3rd issue with Wales Replay... This time it's a disappearing Engine Sound again - Daily Challenge 20/21 July - Pant Mawr Reverse Engine goes silent briefly... Edit: I've just gone through the rest of the Replay and there are two more section with no Engine Sound! 🙁
  12. Hey there 🙂 I'm a fussy old git so when I bought DiRT Rally 2.0 I expected/wanted a AAA title. Some of you may already know that I like to use replays. With a AAA title there is a lot of attention to detail which I think is great. Things like the car mirrors shaking when I'm revving the engine at the start line is quite impressive. Here is a second video showing some missing detail in a Wales replay. Not a major bug I know but it would be great if it could be fixed some time in the future. 👍
  13. PS4 Standard - Deluxe Edition Surprise... Back again with the Rewards Screen problem Now I know @PJTierney said he had mentioned it to CM and that they were looking into it but I thought I would remind them that it's still happening! Please, please, pretty please fix it 🙏 Oh! and a bit more info on the screen would be great See My Suggestion... As there is no Stage info on the image you'll just have to guess which one it is 🤣
  14. PS4 Standard - Deluxe Version From trackside replay - R2 Daily 16/17 July - Bidno Moorland Reverse Engine sound disappears!
  15. Sorry for delay in replying @PJTierney - Must have missed the notification! i only did the stage once but it recently happened in Germany, Spain, New Zealand and Australia. (Dailies) I'll try and get a moment to go through the footage and see if I can recreate it Not sure how quick I can do it though