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  1. I did the RX Daily today and went to record the replay but despite having Trackside as default I could only get mixed. Any chance of adding Trackside on RX replays like it is on Rally dailies
  2. Just a minor little issue with Trackside Replays in Wales where the engine sound cuts out. I first reported the issue on 22/07/19 here: ...and again on 07/08/19 here: It still remains so I'm hoping it can be sorted in the not too distant future as I like to use Trackside Replays often.
  3. Yeah @JorritVD I also posted about Germany Replays here: https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/38541-germany-trackside-replays-zoom-out-a-bit/ and nothing has changed. There are still sound issues in the Trackside Replays for Wales too. It's a bit disappointing :(
  4. I thought I might bump this one as it's nearly a year later and the "trackside" replays still show those outside shots!!! Can we have a reply/comment from Codemasters?
  5. scottish-jim

    DLC Entitlement FAQ (PS4)

    Good that the problem has been recognised 👍 I had the Missing Entitlements thing all day yesterday but when I started up the game this morning the cars were available without me doing anything! I wonder if it was some sort of time difference thing 🤔 Anyway I'm all sorted now and happy again 😀