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  1. I think the the Volkswagen Polo R5 needs a new redesign of the mirrors and the turbo sound. As you can see in the video, the Volkswagen Polo R5 uses a differents mirrors what we have in the game (we have the car's presentation mirrors). And obiously, as you can hear in the video, we haven't that caracteristic turbo sound. Codemasters, please, update the car 🙏🙏
  2. Thaks for the answer. I didn't know it, I thought that the carbon mirrors came with the "base" car and you didn't have to pay more 😜. Althoung i think that the car looks more racing with them 😊. PD: what's your team?
  3. As you know each localitation has 12 stages but these stage are really one long stage of about 25 km. But I don't know why codemasters don't allow us to run on the complete stage, it would be fantastic to run in a 25 km stage in both directions.
  4. The long stage of Spain is part of the famous stage "El Priorat". It's a shame that we couldn't play the full stage but the recreation is excellent 👌👌
  5. What a shame, it would have been amazing...
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