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  1. Have several clubs running presently, was trying to set up a single stage hot lap club with unlimited reruns. Don't see an option for reruns, am I missing something? Is this in the works Codies? Thanks!
  2. svt4cam

    Citroen DS21 ground hog day in daily

    Fulvia is in event, Can't ever seem to find a Mini to buy! ever!
  3. It's probably something I'm doing. But last week for the first vintage fwd daily I chose the French air bagged school bus. It's got to be good at something, maybe it's snow and ice because it's huge. Long story short, now every freakin daily I have to drive the DS21. How can I drive the mini or the Fulvia? DS 21 is still beautiful but it's a pig.
  4. svt4cam

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - RaceNet Connectivity Issues

    Sunday morning 10:00 am PST Racenet still sporadic. On 1st early release day worked great, then not so much! 2nd day I've finished a daily and had it log a dnf. This is a big buzzkill Codies!
  5. I payed extra to be a first player, first day was pretty good everything functioned and I enjoyed it. FFB needs help sure, needs some handling tweeks here and there, yes. Past two days Racenet has killed the experience. Finish dailies trying to make some money to progress. Racenet disconnects and logs as DNF two days in a row. Yesterday on the one daily I stayed connected for, the sound blinks out 20 seconds into the stage and no co-driver calls. If I'm to be a guinea pig for early access I expect to pay less, not more! Assetto Corsa Competitione is a great example. $25.00 for early access and I get to watch it develop. Was expecting a complete package in need of a few tweeks, not a disconnecting basket case after the Steam refund deadline. There are a lot of loyal customers with a very peculiar taste in their mouths right now.
  6. I am really impressed with the package so far! I didn't see the facilities for league play in the U.I. Did I miss it or is it in the works for future updates? That was one of the features that made DR1 exciting and allowed it to be popular for so long. Thanks for your work gang!!