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  1. Morning all. I'm getting g the same issue. I bought the "Game of the year" edition through the Ms store. All cars/tracks are available in free mode, but the cars are never coming up in the my team "store". This makes it impossible to take part in challenges that require a dlc car. Sames goes for the achievements. I might be wrong, but on the Xbox version of the game didn't you get a free version of a dlc car added straight to the garage. Very confused and would love an update Thanks team
  2. The same happens to me too, only I have a Formula Force EX Gutted, after all this time, seems theyv'e managed to introduce some issues. Any idea how to fix this @justbiglee ? Just some info, i've tried with Vsync on and off, since i know that can cause issues with Codemasters FFB, but that doesn't help. Checked D2, and right enough it works beautifully, so definitely an issue with D3, on my wheel. :/ Bit of a letdown tbh. Same here guys,  g27 pulling to right, not the wheel as tried with Grid Autosport.  I have tried all manner of things all setti
  3. I'll be getting it, just where from is another matter, steam is about £27 with 10% from grid 2. However i have spotted it at £17.90 from a site called cdkeys - which seems too good to be true can anyone comment?
  4. Really liked this one, sorry i missed the last one. Had a technical failure. Stage 1: 3:01:733Stage 2: 2:47:457Stage 3: 1:24:758 Sorry photos are wrong way around
  5. Name: wodahslink25 Team:Double Dinner ReductionStage 1 Time: 2:35.053Stage 2 Time: 2:37.336Stage 3 Time: 2:54.042 Sorry about size of pictures but 3 is the magic number.I just hope i can do better than last
  6. This sound brill, details below. Shame i missed the f1 oneYour team name - Double Dinner Reduction A team logo (if available) -  The names of the members of your team but if you want to run solo that's fine. - Solo Please The platform you’ll both be playing on (you don’t have to both be on the same platform) - PC please If you would like to be part in the livestreams (events to take place on Wednesday’s at 8pm UK time) - Will try
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