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  1. He is, although I'd imagine his drivers are all paying for their seats. Could be wrong but it's very likely.
  2. Don't think that will be the case, there are a couple of teams very interested in taking him on. Lets see what happens!
  3. From what I've heard getting your hands on a Hyundai for 2020 is a popular choice
  4. Secret one is the best one @EvansR5
  5. What about the Suzuki Baleno GC41W Wagon Kitcar (1997)?
  6. Doran's livery is my go to. Yeah it's different to the 2018 car 😄 Not your imagination.
  7. I'm an Audi guy, need to drive it a lot smoother though! Need to get the hidden achievement now. 😉
  8. Correct, the 2019 car has different audio 👍
  9. There are physical differences, eg the MK8 has the full cooling changed, Megane has the rear cut out etc. With the Audi there's only very subtle differences in real life.
  10. Is that because they took over the old Red Bull Global Rallycross Facebook page and renamed it?
  11. Car doesn't really suit his style, but on proper dirt (Trois Rivieres, Spa) he's still quicker than Andreas.
  12. Depends if he can get some cash from Audi to rent an EKS car? I mean he won 2 DTM championships with them and still has a great relationship. He's been a paid driver for a long time too so may be able to fund some of this.
  13. The uphill section with the small jump is my favourite section, also turn 1.
  14. I think they have former drivers with the stewards, Rustad this weekend? For the most part penalties come from "Push to pass" or track limits.
  15. They're obviously too easy then 😉
  16. Yeah we saw him hanging around EKS at Spa when we were looking around inside the Audi, he'd be up for one offs but won't be looking for a title.
  17. Probably the same as last year tbh, RX Cartel will need that Monster cash to keep going though, Bakkerud and Doran paying through the teeth at the moment.
  18. Very cool, lots of space and infrastructure there so makes sense. Also means they keep all the mess down at the bottom of the circuit.
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