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  1. Can't do it with the Subarus I don't think as they don't comply with WRX rules
  2. Perhaps, but it wouldn't surprise me if they used the loop, plenty of space for a paddock, parking infrastructure + access roads. I'd bet they want to use those F1 facilities though, like you said. Turns 1-2 would be perfect for this.
  3. Yeah it's going to be interesting! Will definitely get to this event, revisit the old circuit too. Love this part of Germany. 🙂
  4. Pretty sure we'll still see Spa next year, if anything them being so close is a good thing!
  5. This year at Lydden, when it hit the blocks into turn 1 I believe. Big mess!
  6. Yeah there's certainly disadvantages to sliding the car a lot, drivers like Solberg used to destroy tyres really early on in the weekend - and that hurt them a lot later on. Also powersliding every corner is actually not very fast at all. Generally speaking the smoothest rallycross drivers are the quickest, just look at what Kristoffersson and Ekstrom were able to achieve, they don't rotate the car half as much as some of their rivals. You can watch footage of them online, pretty interesting to compare styles.
  7. Not 100% sure. I did do some research and it'd be a big overhaul to get the car into World RX, so I'm a little sceptical!
  8. Haven't they massively shortened the wheelbase on the 2019 car? Can't remember but I heard it somewhere.
  9. Yes, although he didn't win the race, Eriksson's steering broke and he crashed out. Went from celebrating the championship to nothing painfully fast...
  10. He was called to the stewards because scuffle had taken place involving his team members, mandatory that he went.
  11. Tierp damaged the cars way too much, Oliver Solberg lost a wheel from it. Needs refining!
  12. Robin's driving is definitely better than his Photoshop skills 😂 His and RX Cartels instagram posts are gold.
  13. I do think the decision was made more based on EKS's antics, with Robin and Liam paving the way for Andreas all weekend. Robin had already bashed Timmy off in Q1 (?) at the final turn, so maybe they were trying to send a message that they wouldn't accept any foul play? Either way I think what Robin did was just rallycross, Szabo and Hansen had all the time in the world to back out of that scenario.
  14. I think it's no secret that a lot of the teams are really struggling for budget without factory backing. Yes you get better racing in the short term, but longer term it's not good.
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