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  1. Pastrana probably, maybe Solberg but he's probably not interested in doing more rallycross for now - who knows.
  2. We could see him in Speed's car for this year, but otherwise I think he's more interested in rallying.
  3. Yeah the old Polo is really nice! If I could add any older car I wanted it'd be either this: Or this:
  4. Yeah I've seen that name many times when searching for cars of that era 🙂
  5. No idea how he managed that, last year most of the drivers were using an electric limiter for the jump to hold them at the perfect speed.
  6. I'd bet on Dan Rooke being there for commentary, not sure who else. Neil did do a Nordic RX weekend which was quite good.
  7. Yes these are the two separate cars run by STARD in 2019. 😃
  8. I'd have preferred it if they'd just made RX2 electric. Would have made sense.
  9. "Assuming the RS200 trophy is Martin Schanche inspired then maximum kudos to whomever named that!" Yes it was, you're welcome! 😂
  10. To rent 2 ex-factory Supercars maybe 1 mil per year? I believe the going rate is about 50k a round for most teams not including damage.
  11. One from the WRX thread Or this
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