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  1. Some of the best looking cars!
  2. I think they have a lot of spares, so it doesn't matter too much if they damage it. They run several RS200 rallycross cars.
  3. Should have seen what Liam Doran does when he gets his hands on it. 😃
  4. Yeah he prefers the Fiesta, never seemed at home in the Focus which was a shame. Doubt we'll see the chassis in action again, seems to have been left there after the internals were switched. I just really want to see some more ARX cars competing, would be a lot of fun to watch!
  5. That was the one I had a go in, crazy!
  6. They're really good, the footage is top notch. Him and Bakkerud stood beside the grid testing themselves when the lights went out for other races was cool. Shame I don't know what he's actually saying!
  7. Rumour was that Timmy much preferred the first evolution of the car, and struggled with the second. I think the biggest change I've seen for the Hansen team is the fact the two brothers were building the garage at events themselves.
  8. I think you're right about the Megane actually, that car's really interesting. This year it's not being supported by Prodrive as far as I know?
  9. Apparently they changed '19' things, whatever those are. 😂 The rads are in the back of the car now, they've cut a big hole in the rear (same as the Megane this year). The car struggled last year, although they did have to contend with the 3 factory teams, nobody could really get close to them.
  10. Yeah, with OMSE it's really a case of finding customers for their cars, that's what they're focusing on now. Hopefully the slightly cheaper (and fast) Fiesta brings more competitors in. It's looking like the Hansen team will take both titles at this rate, Hyundai look faster on certain tracks but Timmy can make the lap times happen when he needs them. Bakkerud, although still high up in the standings is just not able to pull it together, and a lot of the development on the cars seems to cause them major issues.
  11. I actually think he was doing just that, seemed to be parking it on the apex to hold the others up, but maybe that's just me. 🙂 Bakkerud was struggling all weekend, the car setup was looked really bad. Understeer everywhere, shame. Despite the DSQ for Marklund, it was still a great weekend of racing, looking forward to Holjes! Some great wildcard entries coming.
  12. We went to the event, was really good. Great to see Joni Wiman on the podium, he did a fantastic job! And Timur of course
  13. There will be a white livery available.
  14. We're well aware of these liveries, there are definitely some cool one ones in there.
  15. The DiRT Twitter account have responded to the tweet and appear to acknowledge the Citroen DS, so that's in! It's the DS 21 and it's one of our absolute favourites.  It's amazing  B)
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