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  1. Yeah, the shots at 0:04 (T5), 0:09 (Grid), 0:11 (Grid), 0:12 (T2 I think), 0:13 (T3), 0:14 (T3), 0:15 (T7?), 0:16 (T4 exit/jump), 0:18 (T3), 0:20 (T8) and 0:23 (T9) all look like Silverstone.  Correct!
  2. But the Metro makes up for it with its sound  :D 
  3. Will be interesting to see which Solberg comes out on top this weekend in the R5s :D
  4. Same. Looked like a pretty silly accident to be honest.  :'(
  5. Yeah, that Nintendo Direct was an emotional rollercoaster! uggcf://lbhgh.or/qDj4j9JtKpD Tricky one that  ;)
  6. It looks like yes: when was that pic from? Must be relatively recent, as that looks like DiRT 4 branding on the back wall.  For those who know, this is quite humbling that it is still there! It's still here! We moved it a bit though.  ;)
  7. He should def apologize as he offended you big time.  Norwegian? Pffftt  :D  I know right?! :D (it’s ok though, I forgive you @KingOfCoins ) The only Norwegian I know is from Lilyhammer on Netflix. Recommended. Decent show, I really enjoyed the first season. I actually had to learn Norwegian when I was out there, although I struggle to remember much of it!  :D
  8. Co-Driver was stuck waiting for him to get out at the end, nasty crash.
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