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  1. PixelVagabond

    F1 2019 Photomode

    Now that patch 1.05 fixes the shutterspeed issue here's my first photo.
  2. PixelVagabond

    1.05 AI is a joke

    Just give the players the choice of aggression in the difficulty settings. Doesn't have to be robust and convoluted can be as simple as two settings. Casual or Hardcore
  3. PixelVagabond

    GRID 2019 - If you had one wish...

    ONE WISH....ONE WISH... does one wish include 2 statements. From what I saw on the trailer, I'm excited that it's coming back to its roots. With the style grids always taken with racing and the unpredictable events that happen maybe finally we can have a drone spectator camera/replay camera that the player can control. Here me out: I don't know if you've seen any of JohnnyFPV videos, prime example: Would be an insanely cool feature to have across all racing games. Where this kind of content can be made with a robust replay/spectator camera not only for youtube/twitch creators but also E-sports events. Having in-depth camera angles brought by a skilled "spectator". A high visual fidelity is needed to make this work great. I'm talking Driveclub greatness here. Anyway that's my wish.
  4. PixelVagabond

    Does someone still plays Race driver GRID (2008)

    I was about to fire it up again when I saw the trailer. Gave me flashbacks to the first time I played the demo on ps3 and how thrilling it was to drive those twitchy muscle cars.
  5. PixelVagabond

    Safety Car is so hard to bring out ...

    I had one in Monaco where one of the williams crashed and blocked the track and I t-boned them. Had to flashback before I t-boned and that's when the full safety car came out XD