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  1. sven231187

    F1 2021

    Virtual Reality please.
  2. sven231187

    F2 2020

    When will the update with the F2 2020 finally arrive? Last year it was already there in September.
  3. sven231187

    VR PS4,PC & F3 & Round back

    I love the game. But I think there is still some improvement to be done. 1. VR is integrated into so many games. When can you finally play F1 in VR? VR wants so many players. I've read that many times. Please let the game support VR PS4 and PC. 2. It's great that you can play F2. But it would be even better if you can start a career in F3 and work your way up to F1. EA has also introduced the 3rd League in FIFA. Codemasters should also introduce the F3. Whether in My Team or in the driver's career. 3. In a Safty Car phase, the overturned cars should be able to round back.
  4. Why were the 150-metre signs removed in Monza? In Monza, the 150 meters of signs in front of the second variant are missing as well as in front of the Asscari Chicane. Why are they missing? They've been there in the previous games and that's at least the point of the stop for me. I play on PlayStation.