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    Affordable Wheel for Grid Autosport

    At their respective price points all three wheels offer great value for the money (DFGT, G27, T500RS). If your budget is $100 I'd go for the DFGT as it's a great entry point to racing with a wheel.
  2. Meszes

    This is how you do it!

    It's not your fault but your connection is crap and as you drive with the keyboard which is a digital input this is what others see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6emmkWovUjU
  3. Meszes

    Drag Pack speculations.

    You won't get slots for sure. Codemasters thinks 30+5 slots are enough for 40+2 car classes. They're not good at math, unfortunately.
  4. Meszes

    Bugatti car in Grid A.

    Agera was the best car by miles in T4 on any track with the right driver behind the wheel. I did all the nine challenges every week for a year and never saw a Bugatti make it to the top 10. Bugatti was the beginner's choice actually. As you gained experience you moved on to the Huayra then the Agera in the end.
  5. Meszes


    You must be kidding. Or...
  6. Meszes

    Stewards Inquiry Please

    This time I'm glad to be not on X360, never seen such drama queen before.
  7. Meszes

    Impossible Racenet Gold/Platinum medal

    Loore "Yup, is clear there's been a blip somewhere. We're currently identifying the cause of the problem so it doesn't happen again." http://steamcommunity.com/app/255220/discussions/0/616187204214001251/#c616187839174747504
  8. Meszes

    Impossible Racenet Gold/Platinum medal

    Then why did you write this?
  9. Meszes

    Stewards Inquiry Please

    What's the point of this thread apart from attention seeking?
  10. Meszes

    Impossible Racenet Gold/Platinum medal

    Silver is possible as you can see.
  11. Meszes

    Stewards Inquiry Please

    You're always right.
  12. Meszes

    Stewards Inquiry Please

    Watched the video. There was no contact. No scrape on the rear bumper. So what's there to discuss? All I saw was a driver losing control going flat out over the kerb.
  13. Meszes

    Will Career mode be made any longer

    It's fun to drive the good old Grid 2 tracks again with Autosport's physics and handling model but I have a few minor gripes with the Sprint Pack. It was said to have it's own single player series but I was expecting them to show up within career as new seasons to play. Instead they are now in a separate menu (extra championships) and if you look at the statistics they count as custom cups. This brings in a few problems: - If you quit the series between races your progress will be lost and you have to start again. - No team selection, no sponsors. - You don't get XP towards career progression. - As in custom cups by default upgrades are not applied on cars, you have to add them one by one before the first event which is tedious. So the Sprint Pack extends the SP experience but not the career. What makes me wonder is if these tracks will be available in online playlists? Probably not as it was with G2 but that would mean they could be accessed only through custom events which will lead to segregation of the player base once again and I'll probably barely ever drive these tracks just like with Spa/Bathurst in Grid 2. If it's indeed the case makes me a bit less excited for the other two upcoming mini-series DLCs.
  14. That's exactly what I paid for these on release days through key sellers.
  15. Meszes

    so this week's cheat is....

    @monster227 Get a life.
  16. As Zodh mentioned it the same randomness problem was present already in Grid 2 and we made Loore aware of it back in the time. Nothing changed then, hopefully will in Autosport. This denies your theory of it having anything to do with $0 glitch or horrendous repair costs.
  17. Meszes

    Garage Slots

    @DLT222‌ Very bad idea. Having limited garage slots is an artificial restriction, it shouldn't be there in the first place. Paying for something that is a one line change in the code is hardly justified, at least for me. Why 30? Why not 40 or 50 or none? It's just a false business model from Codemasters trying to make the Season Pass more appealing.
  18. You still have one of the ... 'hardest' jobs so respect for that! I for one wouldn't be able to do it.
  19. Also noticed that losing the windshield in a street car enabled the wind noise as expected but after hitting the look back button it cut out the same way as in an open wheeler.
  20. Meszes

    If Codies think.......

    Agreed on all points. It's a good game and could have been one of the greatest if Codies had not implemented stupid restrictions and balanced the game well. Garage slots and booster pack are fueled by greed, plain and simple.
  21. Can confirm that the wind noise cuts out for good after looking back in any of the open wheel cars since patch.
  22. Just attempted this weeks open wheel challenge at Spa. To put in numbers: 4/10 times AI cars up ahead wreck each other through Eau Rouge blocking the road, 3/10 times I get side swiped by the car starting next to me in 11th, 2/10 times the AI make it through fast somehow so I couldn't overtake enough, 1/10 times I can get past quickly enough without damaged steering to go for top 1%. This is more like playing dodgeball and one that is based more on luck than skill. Worst is that 9/10 times I have no fun at all which ruins the whole idea of playing a game. So yes it's frustrating the way it is now. The only place where I see AI fit is the Party Mode, let us laugh at them how dumb they are like they totaled each other in the first turn in San Francisco in a previous challenge. Apart from that I'm quickly losing interest in Racenet challenges. I do it just for the money awarded which feels rather like work. Codemasters ruined a feature with one simple change from Grid 2.
  23. Meszes

    Garage Slots

    This garage slot restriction and selling a DLC for it is the worst joke ever. Should be illegal.
  24. Meszes

    British car pack

    Why these cars? Very simple, they were the easiest to copy/paste from their previous title Grid 2. Least amount of work to maximize profit.
  25. Meszes

    FIX THE MONEY!!...please 8P

    Loore said they designed the game in a way that you could 'create a bond' with your car? How on Earth am I supposed to create any bond if I have to sell it sooner than I could even unlock upgrades on it? Fundamentally wrong.