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  1. DanielMorris

    F1 2019 FFB settings? Share

    Any good suggestions for a thrustmaster t150?
  2. DanielMorris

    F1 2019 – Leagues and the Super Licence

    I think what would be a cool feature is extending the leagues to about 30 drivers, this means that leagues can have reserve drivers race incase someone else is missing , atm you can only have 20 drivers, if about 6 miss you've only 14 drivers, that's why reserves are there
  3. DanielMorris

    Pad vs wheel

    After testing this with me and my fellow league drivers. The pad has a massive advantage compared to wheel like last game 2018 it was close and a good representation of the difference between the devices, like I have said so many times that the wheel should be faster than pad, like if this game is to be looking at esports then pad has to be slower than wheel by a few tenths. Like if it isn't then what's the point buying a wheel for ? Like that's the biggest flaw atm, like pad drivers are coming on straight away and being on the pace, that shouldn't be. If it doesn't get patched then I'm sorry but no1 will play the game as much as the wheel drivers wont be interested.