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  1. TJH

    This is getting ridiculous.

    The answer is really simple. They give a damn **** about us. They know we will buy this game anyways because we are F1-Fans and there is no alternative out there. Codemasters F1 is the only game with the official License so they can do what they want. We have no rights or something like this. Just to make one thing clear. I'm not talking about Faya or the few employees who have to work under adverse circumstances. I mean the project leaders and their bosses who have a nice life with our money. They do not care what we think because we pay so there is no reason to take us seriously.
  2. Balancing fixes for AI R&D progression in caree 😍
  3. TJH

    Difficulty in keeping up with AI in R&D

    Do you know if there were any driver transfer at Alfa and Renault?
  4. TJH

    Nonsense AI R&D developments

    Let's summarize the facts. Ferrari, Mercedes and Red Bull can no longer compete from the 2nd season. This can not be a coincidence, because many complain about it. McLaren, Torro Rosso, Renault and Alfa Romeo take the lead because after season 1 they can do several major updates simultaneously. The above-mentioned teams, like McLaren, change their drivers relatively frequently, which seems to allow them to spend 5000 R & D points. Conclusion either... Codemasters deliberately programmed that because they didn't want a realistic but an "exciting" career, leading to different winners and forcing us and the AI to change teams several times. Only a few people play a career over 10 seasons. They have adjusted everything so that your Career is over after 3 seasons. or the whole system is partially broken. Probably, because the AI can now also change the team.
  5. TJH

    Tyre temperature

    Thanks for the answer. I have just tried the Mercedes, but it has changed absolutely nothing.
  6. TJH

    Tyre temperature

    Hi guys. I drive in one of the biggest German online leagues and start this year for the first time in the FH1. (This is the top league for pilots driving with driving aids.) So there are a few people driving a 1: 20,1 in Q3 in Melbourne. They are so damn fast and every little thing can make a difference. I find it generally difficult to compete in Qualiyfing, I usually focus on the Longruns. The problem is that after the 1.05 patch, no matter which setup or how much fuel I have on board, my left front wheel always fluctuates between 102-106 degrees. The consequences are extreme understeer especially in the last 3 corners with soft tires, which can easily cost 4 tenths per lap. I already had similar problems in 2018, (Singapore, Brazil) but at least I was able to influence the temperatures with the amount of fuel or with a other Setup. In Brazil, for example, I started with some kilograms less fuel and could keep the temperatures in the working window (Arbeitsfenster). In F1 2019 this seems to be no longer possible. As I said, not even different setups make a difference. The rise in temperatures remains consistently high Has anyone had similar experience or does anyone have a hint what I could do? Thanks in advance. PS4 Drives with pad Modes: Multiplayer, unranked online lobby Location: Melbourne Performance: equal Team: Ferrari Driving aids: only ABS
  7. I don't know what to think about it. The handling sometimes feels completely different. The braking points have been pushed back so far that it feels like a new game. I think being 1.5 seconds faster is too much. The feeling of the old version is completely lost.
  8. Maybe you got better or you use better setups. I think you have no choice but to increase the difficulty or to turn off a few driving aids.
  9. TJH

    Gearbox wear too high in F1 2019? [R2]

    Penalties are not executed after qualifying. Has been reported several times and is clearly a bug
  10. Would it be possible to visualize these traits in the career mode? For example: Ferrari: + top speed, acceleration, chassis - cornering speed, problems with tire temperatures Can you explain what you want to improve on the AI blocking behavior? Thanks in advance. A consumer/customer who has paid 80€
  11. TJH

    Handling Model + AI

    2018 104% 2019 105% Maybe you should turn off the traction control. With a little practice you are much faster.
  12. TJH

    R&D System 2019

    I know what you mean, but It is about the principle, not about excessive details and also not about ditch fights because of different views. They want our hard-earned money? Then they should test their product or at least listen to those who played the beta. If they are understaffed to do it all, Codemasters' bosses should pay better wages and hire more people.
  13. TJH

    R&D System 2019

    So, if I think that my team is developing too fast, I have to skip certain practice programs? Should I impose a handicap myself because certain developers are unable to implement some advices? I mean, I paid 80€ for this game. The customer should be allowed to expect that the mistakes from the previous game will not be repeated. This should not be a provocation or an affront. I know under what circumstances certain developers have to work (Bioware), but I have paid 80€, so I have the right to a product that keeps its promises.
  14. TJH

    interviews of your rivals.

    I got it after Barcelona. Thank you