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  1. I tried it. The tests did not show anything extraordinary. The problem itself is really strange. It's not that you immediately notice at the beginning that there is a problem. It only starts after several laps and can sometimes lead to total failures and sometimes you can drive 100% and you only notice it for a short time.
  2. Yes, that only happens when I steering to the right
  3. I tried, but unfortunately it makes no difference.
  4. Since I've been playing F1 on the PS5, I've had some dropouts with the steering. My input is not recognized for a short moment and therefore cannot drive the corners correctly. Sometimes nothing is noticeable for several laps and then again the same problem until it is impossible to drive. In F1 2020 I was still thinking "Ok, maybe it's because the game is not optimized for the PS5", but in F1 2021 it's the exact same problem. I don't have this problem with any other game. Only in F1 Has anyone had similar experiences?
  5. I haven't had any problems so far. When the quali program tells me that I could end up around P15, that's mostly true.
  6. TJH

    Ray Tracing

    Do you know what ray tracing does and where you can see it?
  7. Hm, maybe only a Fix for the next-gen Version?
  8. No, he doesn't mean that. He's talking about a patch that revises the understeer / oversteer. Certain esports people have claimed that Codemasters are overhauling the handling. But that's just a rumor. No information about the patch
  9. One year of development is not enough. It's the same every year. The game is actually great, but it takes 2-3 months for the worst bugs to be fixed. It's even worse this year. The promised damage model has been reduced, the new tracks are not yet ready, etc.
  10. Are you talking about MyTeam or Grand Prix with the same car in TT
  11. It's hard to balance, to be honest. In my career (10 out of 16 races) Ferrari is now the second fastest team. Right behind are Red Bull and McLaren. I think the only thing that really needs to be changed is Red Bull and Williams.
  12. I don't have a problem with understeer, but then it should be pretty much the same for everyone. In Zandvoort my time is actually good enough for P12, but in the second sector I am 0.5 seconds slower than the AI due to the understeer, which is why I have to start from P16. Of course you could say that this is due to my car, but when my own TK is half a second faster that's a little bit strange.
  13. Same on PS5. Maybe they have found a bug? The new damage model is available otherwise you would not have been able to test it extensively in the preview
  14. you get Damage of Curbs but you can't see it on the Screen.
  15. I'm playing on PS5 and it's still not even close to the preview.
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