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  1. TJH

    Should Hubert be in F2 on the game?

    Good question. I can understand you, but maybe it would be disrespectful to be removed. I think that should only decide his family.
  2. TJH

    Your Season

    hi Guys. I would be interested in how your season is going. Some report in the forum Ferrari would win one race after another. maybe we can collect our data and come to a result.
  3. TJH

    Qualifying Times Scripted?

    I think we should make something clear here. The times are always scripted when you simulate a session. The difference is that in f1 2019 the scripted times were almost identical to the AI and there were no bugs. The problem you described is basically just a bug that needs to be fixed again. I don't know why, but every new F1 game takes over the bugs from its predecessor, although they have already been patched. It's the same problem every year. But to mention something positive. The AI behaves much more realistic in qualifying and in the race. There are accidents, safety car, missing the braking point etc.
  4. TJH

    Naming team as Honda

  5. TJH

    Tyre compount bug

    Same on PS4 (1.03)
  6. TJH

    Time Trial (PS4)

    Hi guys. Do you also have the problem that in time trial no times or setups are displayed by others?
  7. TJH

    Performance Patch coming soon?

    I don't know what your problem is. I just finished my 1st race with the 1.03 patch in MyTeam and have to say that Codemasters did a good job despite the adverse circumstances. Bottas wins the race just ahead of Hamilton. 20 seconds later the first Ferrari comes in P3, then the Red Bull and then another Ferrari. Behind the Topteams was a tough fight between Renault, McLaren and Racing Point. If you look at the statistics of the Ferrari, they are at a disadvantage everywhere, only the engine is overpowered, which can be fixed relatively quickly, if that is possible at all.
  8. It would be nice if only the engine were too slow. The car has no grip and oversteers extremely. On a single lap they are just somewhere in the middlefield...
  9. TJH

    Psn Pre-Order

    The last week before release always takes so long.
  10. TJH

    R&D System 2019

    I know what you mean, but It is about the principle, not about excessive details and also not about ditch fights because of different views. They want our hard-earned money? Then they should test their product or at least listen to those who played the beta. If they are understaffed to do it all, Codemasters' bosses should pay better wages and hire more people.
  11. TJH

    R&D System 2019

    So, if I think that my team is developing too fast, I have to skip certain practice programs? Should I impose a handicap myself because certain developers are unable to implement some advices? I mean, I paid 80€ for this game. The customer should be allowed to expect that the mistakes from the previous game will not be repeated. This should not be a provocation or an affront. I know under what circumstances certain developers have to work (Bioware), but I have paid 80€, so I have the right to a product that keeps its promises.