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  1. drb1965

    Qualifying harder compound

    It is possible to qualify on harder tyres I have done it, you always get an extra set of softs for Q3 but these are then removed at the end of the session. If you are in the top ten then the tyre you do your fastest lap in q2 should be the tyre you start on. outside the top 10 you get to start on whatever tyre you want.
  2. If you have trusteer installed for banking software etc may want to try removing it, worked for me

    1. Lurtz


      Just done it and it worked for me also. Happy days!!! Thanks for helping to get this nightmare resolved.

    2. drb1965


      you are welcome

  3. drb1965

    [PC] F1 2020 not launching

    join the ever growing club
  4. drb1965

    Game Installed but wont run.

    there is also another thread for exactly the same problem PC - Game Not Loading Since Patch 1.08
  5. Join the club another thread with same problem PC - Game Not Loading Since Patch 1.08
  6. drb1965

    F1 2020 start Crash

    there is also another thread with the same problem in the systems forum
  7. drb1965

    Yellow flag

    why do ai cars not get a penalty for overtaking under yellow flag conditions Been overtaken twice now by verstappen when yellow flag was out
  8. drb1965

    Deleted by mistake

    Hello Pro3 I tried to use the savegame files but this only made it worse. I have now restarted the game and my team career. I have also turned on Steam saves. Going to go through a quick season 10 races of 5 lap races to get back to where I was, just about to start season 2. Cheers. Wife will not be happy but when are they ever 🙂
  9. drb1965

    Deleted by mistake

    Looked in the remote folder and found 2 midrace savegames, can these be used to restore season ?
  10. drb1965

    Deleted by mistake

    PC just checking to see if I have steam saves turned on, but I very much doubt it
  11. drb1965

    Deleted by mistake

    Was so excited that I had completed my first full season (22 races) on My Team, went to second season and thought I would change things and only do 16 races, but somehow managed to delete the season 😂 Do I now have to start again or can it be retrieved ?
  12. drb1965

    Pit crew did me over

    why do pit crew put on worn tyres during potstop when you have a new set of same tyre available
  13. drb1965

    Ego Dumper

    Downloaded the game installed ran fine last night finished first race, updated this morning and now ego dumper when I start the game. The game does run but all animations are gone, just get a black screen in the garage and on workstation Any Ideas how to fix ?