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  1. drb1965

    Qualifying harder compound

    It is possible to qualify on harder tyres I have done it, you always get an extra set of softs for Q3 but these are then removed at the end of the session. If you are in the top ten then the tyre you do your fastest lap in q2 should be the tyre you start on. outside the top 10 you get to start on whatever tyre you want.
  2. To be fair the devs did look at the Files and came back with the following suggestion "One of our devs has had a look at your crash dump, and fed back the following information: Frames may be missing, no binary loaded for rooksbas_x64.dll] - which means it's external software causing the crash. Looks like it could be the anti-virus software causing the crash potentially. "rooksbas_x64.dll" has also been reported as a file that can disguise itself as malware, so try the below: Can you go offline (Important), disable anti-virus, then attempt to boot the game. Then feed back to me. By looking on the internet I found that Trusteer was found to cause problems in that particular file rooksbas_x64.dll, hence removing Trusteer software has now got F12020 working again.
  3. If you have trusteer installed for banking software etc may want to try removing it, worked for me

    1. Lurtz


      Just done it and it worked for me also. Happy days!!! Thanks for helping to get this nightmare resolved.

    2. drb1965


      you are welcome

  4. Finally got it backup and running. It looks like the problem has been caused by trusteer endpoint. I will do some testing but If anyone else has a similar peoblem please ask them if they have trusteer installed
  5. I have run steam in offline mode, uninstalled Antivirus, ran malwarebytes, and still get the same error
  6. 20200903_121329.mp4 crash_dump#678677-20200825-134140-0.zip savegame@profile#NXDSMWW.BWW savegame@profile#QKRHMYXE
  7. ok Updated Bios and chipset removed all light software, Dragon centre, Wraith, corsair Razer removed LGS and installed GHub for G29 disabled scanning on Mcafee updated firmware on headset reinstalled 452.06 Still game crashed on start
  8. Ran verify integrety of file last night checked PC was fully updated with graphics drivers and windows updates here are the logs and dump files for the above DxDiag.txt 678677-20200903-080601-0.zip egodumper.log
  9. Unfortunately, I disagree. I was running 1.07 until 1.08 was released. No Microsoft patches, no driver updates, no new installations, no new hardware between running 1.07 and installing patch 1.08 therefore it must be something within patch 1.08.
  10. I have done everything that CM and others have suggested short of reinstalling Windows. And now you say that patch 1.08 is not being investigated even after many people are reporting that it has broken the game. We do not even have the option to go back to the previous patch with was working
  11. I totally agree 1.08 should be investigated fully. If it was a problem with my PC why would i be able to play for over 170 hours and into my third season before the release of patch 1.08
  12. I am thinking that if I can run any other game, including f1 2019 it iis not my PC that has a problem it is something within 2020 ego engine that is broken.
  13. Thanks for the reply , i have already attached all of these files but if is also useful to anyone else who has to attach them. Hopefully, this gets resolved soon I am now having to talk to my wife instead of racing
  14. May be helpful to tell people which files they should attach and where they can find them
  15. since the crashdumps I have installed latest drivers and done all Microsoft updates