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  1. game running smooth so far so that's good.

    But as for my other pet peeves..

    • AGAIN.. no spectator from lobby, you just sit there like an idiot picking your nose.
    • AGAIN.. no in-game chat..
    • damage seems fairly useless as guys with blown fron tyres seem to handle just fine and are able to stay in the lead.
    • sound is pretty dull and boring.
    • interior is so sad.. their excuse that ony 5% used it in GRID is is irrelevant and dumb. this is 2014 people. they already reused pretty much everything else in the game. spending some resources on interiors wouldn't have hurt.
    • singleplayer and multiplayer sharing profile settings.. don't know why they thought this was a good idea but it wasn't. now i have to sacrafice a bunch of things for MP that i don't want in SP which is really dumb. especially when you don't even get the full 35-40% EXP bonus.
    • sense of speed feels pretty low
    • traction control + ABS constantly braking you off at every corner. yes you can turn it off by why does it work this way to begin with?

    these are the initial things that i immediately noticed and bothered me quite a bit. no doubt will i notice more, but at least its an improvement over GRID2.

    And hopefully the rabble and GRID2 kiddies leave the game soon, my god are they annoying.

  2. As for weather effects keep that for F1

    Grid was all about a level playing field, pick a race and go race it no one with an advantage all cars the same setup so it was all about player skill and not what they knew about car handling physics.
    • Car tuning and performance upgrading

    Well so much for that seeing as Car tuning and performance upgrading is listed as a feature.. i really don't see how weather would have made anymore of a difference.

    And i don't even care about people getting advantages or it changing how it plays. It could completely ignore changes to handling for all i care, it's about variety. It's a perfect way to change things up so you aren't always racing on sunny Yas Marina or night Yas Marina. You could have rainy Yas Marina, Cloudy Yas Marina, windy Yas Marina and any combination of the aforementioned.

    Can't help but feel there won't be any other times of day other than midday or night either. Maybe some will be morning/evening but most likely specified per track.

    Will have to wait and see(not too long thankfully, yay) and pray that i'm wrong.