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  1. didn't leclerc crashed in monaco and hungary too? that were easy 50 points, the aerodynamic is much better on ferrari, the mclaren only have the advantage of mercedes engine
  2. "Additionally, we have made some minor tweaks to the handling model to remove an unrealistic element with low-speed cornering, which will be coming into the game as soon as the AI retraining has been completed." The new handling is not in this patch
  3. that's not true because just look at career where they drive faster cars, the AI is ok
  4. agree, this should be the first problem to fix because it completely ruins the offline game, but they said they are just looking, this is ridiculous from them, releasing a broken game and it won't even be fixed within months
  5. yes this is the problem and people who say "just lower the difficulty" are wrong, because going 4 tenths faster in 2 sectors and then losing 1 second in a corner is not balanced, but it is frustrating. I don't understand how they managed to program an AI like this, no one noticed it in the tests or in the beta? hope this get fixed soon
  6. so you are not looking to fix the overspeed that the AI has got in high speed corners?
  7. this may fix it for now but it's not balanced because in Silverstone you will gain like 0.3s in first and third sector and than lose 0.5s in second sector, so the ai should be patched, because that is not enjoable, especially in the race, when you lose 3 tenths at Copse because the AI does it in full throttle while for you it is literally impossible.
  8. The Portimao track was already available on Ride 4, a milestone game released last year, which is almost identical to motogp, so I think they used the same circuit. But I am confident that it will be present on F1 2021, otherwise it would not be the official F1 game if it did not respect the official calendar.
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