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  1. Fedemaisonnave

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    I'll just leave this picture here... Nice car to have in DR2.0🙏🙏🙏
  2. Fedemaisonnave

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    What if in Season 2 we get the other 3 recycled Rallies of DR1 and Lydden Hill for the RX boys and RX cars also, i'll accept the deal LOL.
  3. Fedemaisonnave

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    😋Thanks Codies awesome Season 1!!! Hoping for the Polo Rally 17 😉😉, Finland, Wales and Ireland for season 2 😋😋😋
  4. Fedemaisonnave

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Codies keep the new Rallycross content for a new game, dont worry 🤣, we will be fine just getting only Rally cars and Locations...😋
  5. Fedemaisonnave

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Actually Breen at the stage end said, I wish it lasted another 30km 🥴🥴🥴
  6. Fedemaisonnave

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    I think that it will be awesome to have the 6x DR1 Rallyes + 3x new Rallyes -Ireland (tarmac) -Safari (well safari🤷‍♂️) -Morocco or Cyprus (Mixed Gravel/Tarmac) + No WRC licence problems in the new locations
  7. Fedemaisonnave

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    I'd prefer Ireland, damp tarmac, low grip, some jumps, nice Challenge This stage would be ace: Edit: ace if you drive like Breen 🤣
  8. Fedemaisonnave

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    I think that DR1 locations must be there in the DLC's the people that remember the stages are proper fans of Dirt games and will buy it anyway and the biggest portion of the players who doesnt even remember a corner will happily pay for it
  9. Fedemaisonnave

    WRC 2019 Thread

    Well 2016 season started. VW: Ogier/Latvala/Mikkelsen Citröen: Not starting in 2016 PH-Sport: Lefebvre/Meeke/Breen/Khalid Al-Qassimi Hyundai: Paddon/Neuville/Sordo, Abbring at Hyundai R5 programme M-Sport: Ostberg/Camilli Fuckmatié WRT: Bertelli DMack: Tänak WRC2017: http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/35280/wrc-2018-thread/p37 WRC2018: http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/35280/wrc-2018-thread/p110