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  1. SkyRex said:
    Yesterday I got the last achievement by winning the historic legends series (need those clubs now!), and encountered a little bug: The podium-scene showed the 4-fielded star for winning in fearless-difficulty, but the menu-screen only shows the 3-fielded trophy instead. I checked back and it was the same with some other championships in historic class (I know I did them in fearless) . Not that it really matters or breaks anything, but it's propably intended to show correctly.

    By the way, in the process of curating a finland stage, found one that has sadly a lot of open fields, but one really really fast jumpy section through the woods with an insane final jump. If you nail it it's crazy fast, if you screw up slightly the chance of terminal damage is high:

    Super pic Mate!!!

  2. I really miss playing against the global leaderboards like in DiRT Rally, I think that a good idea it would be to make like 20 leaderboard challenges that lasts for a week so everyone can play it, but in the same format as the daily, just one run through the Stage.
    Because of you play a stage from the career, yes you have leaderboards, but people isnt pushing super hard, just beating the AI times (many times are super fast, but if you make a decent run without mistakes you can easily make into the top 100)

  3. kobeshow said:
    gfRally said:
    JZStudios said:
    tbtstt said:
    Not DiRT related, but it's been announced that Forza Motorsport 7 won't have any Toyota production cars, only racing models. Toyota's licensing is becoming a law unto themselves!
    An exclusive license deal with Polyphony perhaps? Be interesting to see what makes it into GT Sport.
    Somehow I don't believe that, though they are Japanese, so it could be true. Think Forza 6 and H3 had to skip on VW altogether for some reason.
    Real shame, and it's weird that they won't license out the street cars. Even AC has a few. I always liked the MR2, but I don't want to buy an Xbone just for Forza when my wheel won't work with it. Really hope they manage to make the Win10 version actually work.
    I might be late on this, but I just noticed the Hyundai R5 rally car is available for purchase as a DLC now 

    The Team Booster Pack is available as well http://store.steampowered.com/app/437121/Team_Booster_Pack/
    Figures. And it's the worst possible outcome. Selling the pre-order bonus is always bullshit.
    Not sure what you paid for your copy and can't remember what the pre-order price was, but the 2 packs only cost $5 total, not exactly braking the bank, and if  you didn't pay the retail price anyhow, possibly you are still getting the base+DLC for less than the initial pre-order.  Not trying to argue at all, I know DLC is somehow taboo around here, but I don't think its that big of a deal.  
    Maybe he is coming from a different perspective, maybe he is mad because he wanted the pre-order car, so he bought the game in advnace without waiting for reviews, and is now left disappointed. Would CM have told us that the car will be there as DLC after release he may have ended up not buying the game, but if he liked it he might not mind paying a little extra to get the car.
    Preorder just seemed to be a way to secure sales then, if the DLC is available for everyone now, without properly communicating that prior to release.
    I'm sure I can find the direct quote from @kickup somewhere in the gossip, but paraphrasingly he said "because of the suits, preorder was the only way to get the car into the game"

    I think he said It was the only way for getting literally un the game, the only way if getting the Money from the game publisher for licencing it, not that it was our only chance of getting it. I think it is fine, people who don't know about the game before it was released now can get the Hyundai, and give some money to Codies in order to licence more content for us :tongue:

  4. chukonu said:
    Pretty sure they mean that modern rally cars are so incredibly responsive & grippy in every aspect on any terrain that it doesn't feel realistic anymore when you are behind the wheel, especially when it's in a game.
    The developer who said that actual rally Cars are easy to drive, it needs to be hanged.
    The Cars can have good balance, but they are really though to drive them, if you play with R3T in WRC6 you Say, my goodness poor the guy who uses this rally car in real life, it is super boring, slow, and easy to drive, and go yo YouTube and see Any onboard of a fast driver in an R3T, same goes with R4's in DiRT4, but codies can fix it because they are capable, but Kylotton can't make good physics Even if they are for a Scalextric LOL

  5. Didzis said:
    Wanted to make one too :D but I tried staying closer to the original. Would also be cool to see new cars in the old game, like with all the crappy graphics you'd expect from a 15+ year old game but current year models :D

    I'm pretty sure they exist, I have seen some fiesta R5 video un cmr 2.0

  6. SkyRex said:
    Well... for me I really don't see what Ypres has over Corsica or Germany(Vineyards) as a location...
    Both are full-tarmac with very narrow roads but more elevation change and more variation in scenery than Ypres, no?

    Sure, the more, the merrier, but if I had to pick one more tarmac-only event I would opt for Corsica, Germany or Monte any day before Ypres.
    I rather prefer fast stages than tricky mountain roads, in Ypres i have that, I don't give a sh.it to the scenery if I have some Hidden bumps that want to bounce my car anywhere but outside the road at 180km/h and it Will be much easier to implement in Your Stage in my opinion.

  7. I agree with you guys, Barum and Ypres deserves a spot despite they arent so popular outside the rally fans Niche, but anyone who plays in those rallys Will get in love really quickly.
    Easy to drive, extra tough to master.(Ypres) Barum is tough for driving, impossible to master :D

  8. Hi, im again un the forums because yesterday i managed to install Dirt 4 because after a rally weekend I postponed it  :p, Despite I couldn't drive it with my steering wheel, (because it is in my parents house), I can say it is amazing, maybe some job to polish in the physics and in the AI, but Your Stage and career mode is brutal. 
    By reading what you have written Mr @KickUp when someone ask for something you say you would rather add another location, so we may have some DLC's in the future? I really hope to get some more countries for your stage, the amount of locations we have it is fine don't get me wrong, but the more the merrier  :#

  9. bogani said:
    versedi said:
    SamRWD said:

    I think it's a new one, isn't it?
    Body is 7 characters too short.

    Brand one actually, posted today.

    Edit: Integrale has new sounds, are they recorded? Were they in DR?

    @KickUp are we still able to disable driver's hands?
    Seen the option to disable hands and wheel in a video.

    On another note, sadly the only R5 with proper sound recording is the Fiesta.
    Poor 208, his sound deserved to be in the game, now with the Fiesta R5 Evo2 the sound changed and it sound more aggressive like the 208, but i assume the Fiesta R5 we have is the Original not Evo or Evo2?

  10. KickUp said:

    dwkGravey said:

    If Your Stage can create infinite routes, where are our transit stages? :lol:

    A near infinite combination of routes but there is still a limit to the length of those routes ;)

    Also, just play Euro Truck Simulator for the transit routes.  :p

    Who said we wanted long transit routes LOL :p @dwkGravey great idea, It would be awesome to drive from the service park to the first stage (a Your stage generates road that start from the Service park Time check to the start of the stage) and then you go to the stage info and load the Your Stage SS. 
    If you just want to drive the stage you can skip it, but it would be cool and I think it isnt impossible 

  11. Would it be possible in a near future to add some DLC'S changing some aspects of your stage and getting '' more locations '' for example tightening and making it gravel surface to Spain and making it tarmac to Wales (I think those two options are the most realistic). 

  12. human1101 said:

    @FloatingGrass  try uninstalling geforce experiance, i was having alot of issues with that, got rid of it and they vanished, as for the gear change issues that will be a wire to one of the potentiometers if you replace that it will work again, you will probably have to remove the glue holding the wires there though as thats probably where its broken

    Nope, didn't work. Losing hope :(

    Try disabling VSync, it may works

  13. kop9000 said:

    Areyouben said:

    KickUp is the designer on the game and works part time as ultimate boss on the forum as he answers pretty much all questions you shoot at the man.

    As far as the mixed surfaces goes, that has been asked a few times and by now the developers know we want it, but it's not going to be in DiRT 4.

    well thank you. Then I have one more question

    Will there be bridges and railroad crossings?

    High railroad jumps :love:

  14. Adam & Eve - Win a rally with a female driver on a Opel Adam R2.
    Favorite Stretch of Road - Save and run the same stage 20 times.
    No Time for Time - Too fast to stop at the time-control.
    Giant Killer - Finish on the overall podium with a car from an inferior class.
    Tire Shredder - Carry and use use all the spare tires your car can carry on one stage.

    Just some ideas.

    I'll chance the last to Tiremacis (Ralfs Sirmacis got 7 punctures in Azores)

  15. KevM said:

    bogani said:

    KevM said:

    All they need is one accurate stage per location.  The location could then be bulked up with virtual stages.

    Yes, it took a crazy amount of time, but didn't it pay off?  The stages in DiRT are awesome!

    You wanted them to go for accuracy with the WRC license and use Your Stage in their DiRT games, isn't that what you wrote?


    Virtual, as in static made-up.  Not generated on demand like with YourStage.  The WRC drivers have an element of pre-rehearsal and prior knowledge of stages, so it would be ok for a WRC title to follow suit.

    The main problem being, we've seen and driven the 'accurate' stages before...

    A man with a 205 or Ascona (DiRT 4) competing casually at Clubman level wouldn't have the element of pre-rehearsal so YourStage emulates that unknown too 

    We have pacenotes too, the same that WRC drivers have, or you can have a recce mode 2 runs through the stage to check AI pacenotes, I would love your stage WRC game because it will be freaking endless 13 locations (maybe more in the next years) infinite numbers of stages, 2017 Cars,R5's, R3, R2, but I would make it in a DiRT game, like WRX, like DTM and WTCC un R3E.
    WRC deserves a standalone game, but it Will be awesome to get a WRC '17 DLC

  16. MaXyMsrpl said:

    Didzis said:

    MaXyMsrpl said:

    If you asking for translation of 90* degree rotation (about 8cm) into a few mm done with small stick... you asking for some aid/assistence.

    A bit off-topic, but how tiny is your wheel? Or did you just mix up cm with inches? On my DFGT those 90° are about 22-23 cm :D

    Yeah, you are right with your notice. I had reminded diameter (about 31cm), then divided it by 4. Of course I should mention 22cm for 90 degree.
    Besides of this, I never understood while some might want to be master of motorsport while using small sticks of game pad. I understand that there are a lot of players who just don't own steering wheel which imply their non-interest to this sport/game genre. In turn they should be aware, it's impossible to reach the same precision in driving a simulated car with small stick comparing to steering wheel. Even if developers are doing their best to 'cheat' the reality by programming complex filtering with non-linear interpolation, extrapolation and other aids.

    Can't agree more with you @MaXyMsrpl , how would you pretend to drive a 1000hp LMP1 and be competitive with a pad, it isnt even easy one a wheel, driving with an analogue making micro inputs always Will be super though, wheels arent so much expensive right now, entry level wheels cost 80usd or you can get 2nd hand wheels for even cheaper than DiRT 4 pre-order...