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  1. tbtstt said:
    Any news if the Polo '17 test version can make it through DLC or as a surprise??
    We're not even sure about the fate of the 2000cc cars yet, so I think it might be too soon to hope for any 1600cc WRCars! 

    I have never used Discord, but I'll give it a look if that's going to fill the gap in the meantime. 

    As said above, hopefully the car list and season DLC will all be revealed before the forum is locked so there won't be anything to gossip about! 
    Well actually it isnt a WRC car, it wasnt homologated at the end

  2. SkyRex said:
    I've put all DR2 locations on a map and all candidate events in grey (aka DR1 locations)
    We are getting a lot more global rally experience in a month, which I like a lot!
    If looking for further additions down the line though (assuming we get (some) DR1 content first) I would highly suggest looking wider than just Belgium or Ireland as it's all clustered in europe. More something like Azores or Tanzania or Japan or India or Canada (British Columbia) or some real desert rally like kuwait or qatar.
    Nice Idea with some desert roads, much easier to create the enviroment lol

  3. JoeBlob21 said:
    JorritVD said:
    Subaru R4:

    Polo R5:

    Subaru 1995:

    Fiesta R5:

    Subaru RX
    is it just me or is there something odd about the sound of the polo r5 ? it misses something...
    I think it is just spot on, a bit more antilag would be 11/10

  4. JorritVD said:
    Some interface footage:

    Some of the room:
    I cant wait to know which game modes we will have, fingers crossed for hot seat, and cross platform rallys (not leagues, something faster and easier to create)

  5. gk9147 said:
    couger1981 yes it's a real car, I know it, but why codemasters did not put the Ford Fiesta R2? Personally, I would not put a car in the trailer that I do not have on the game. it's logical, and especially commercial.

    Fedemaisonnave see my last comment    https://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/142318/hillclimb-dlc-or-futur-rally-game-not-my-favorite-discipline-but-why-not-rally-fan-look-part-4#latest
    Mmm, the more the merrier but I was referring to S1600 because they were actual Rally Cars, not because I just wanted to get them in a stage