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  1. @Rallystu2 whilst that is an ideal, there's no chance of them doing that for each 'old' location. For instance, I'd love to see the Greek stages back in but there's no way they'd make another 20km of Greece IMO.

    They don't need to cost the same as a completely new stage (although I'd personally not complain if they were) but would be good to see. I'd definitely rather pay for DR1's updated rally stages as a new RX circuit which I'll never use!

    Maybe the plan is to use them for Seasons 3 & 4 if the first two sell well (no RX circuits, 3 'old' locations in each)? Either way, they're not going to be on the horizon any time shortly after launch I guess, although clearly the team have thought about this somewhat going off some of the earlier interviews. Maybe those ideas will be revealed later on.
    I agree with you, at the end in 25hs of driving in the new stages of DR2.0 you will know every single corner as the DR1 stages, so why dont add them.

  2. versedi said:
    Edit: Okay, I was wrong, it doesn't seem to be Baranowo. Still searching through onboards. Just gotta find the proper exit with not that much trees out of that square right. There aren't that many in Rally Poland which aren't an intersection. 6:37 is similar in video below but the road further doesn't match.

    Actually @versedi maybe you shouldn't have changed your mind...

    Hoping there's this one and one other Polish stage, if it's just Baranowo split in half we're not looking at many KMs. On the other hand, what a stage!
    Hope that grass isnt easy cutting, some hidden stones, being super rough something

  3. I think the offline mode should be really hard to finish it, in rallying you never get happy endings and you accomplish the maximum category with ease (ask Jon), It would be cool if you dont get results your rallying career is gone and you can do regional events, just win little cash if you win and lose a lot if you dont, Jon knows for sure. When you reach the money to do a JWRC replica and fail you lose it all, or if you succeed in JWRC you can fail in WRC2 replica, if you are an average driver you should be happy doing some regional and national events

  4. gfRally said:
    tbtstt said:
    JorritVD said:
    Note that Patrick Sandell is posted as last driver. He is an Subaru ARX driver.
    Good spot. I had wondered if an ARX DLC was a possibility as, if they were to include all the WRX track, then they already have the full 2018 ARX calendar in game.

    The DS3 is a car I have wondered about: I don't recall one entering any World round this year (I thought Oliver Solberg might enter South Africa, but it seems not) so, if we are getting an accurate 2018 World entry, then it won't be in...

    ...but, as said, it has been in the last two games and is a Championship winning car (and is also massive fun to drive) so I really hope it finds it way in at release or as a DLC car. 
    Since I am always dreaming, it would be cool to have Travis Pastrami’s Utah track there... great throwback to D2 RX days.   Seems like everyone that showed up liked it too. 
    LA stadium RX track was kinda cool, also monaco RX, all those fictional RX tracks were really nice

  5. Fedemaisonnave said:
    ... at the end you will use the fastest one of each class.
    I hate the Hyundai R5 but I just used that car in DiRT 4 because it was the fastest R5 for example.
    That is everything that is wrong with class design. No, I personally will not use the absolute fastest of each class - I always use what car feels the best for me. Why the hell would you be running a car you hate? Nothing about that sounds worth it, just to pretend it helps me shave time. It doesn't, you'll run faster in a car that feels good for you.
    Because if you like to achieve WR, why would you try to do it with Slower cars? If every Top 10 in the leaderboard is with a Hyundai R5 and it is a fact that it is faster, I'll use it

  6. It was boring because there wasnt any teams to fund drivers, for example in circuit racing f2, f3 have "just one car in class" and are top notch racing series.
    As I said I prefer driving that beast, even if it is a generic unlicensed car, but with that engine+suspension+diff+aero package

  7. gfRally said:
    Yea, I think Mr. Toyoda took a trip down that dark path, the one you will only find evil there.  They said putting cars in games affects sales since after driving one (IN GAME) no one would want to drive one IRL.  

    That may be true for a Camry, it feels just a disconnected and boring as a 2d screen your looking at, but come on.  

    Hmmm.... That special sport edition $80k Lexus looks appealing, but its a krap car in THAT game, I think I'll pass.  

    I thought it was supposedly something to do with perceptions of their classic cars affecting the image of their current ones? And it's only their production cars, not their competition ones. Seeing as, if it includes motorsport, this rule doesn't extend to Gran Turismo, WRC7, Project Cars 2, Assetto Corsa, Assetto Corsa Competizione (Lexus), Seb Loeb Rally, Gravel, Forza and probably a few that I don't recall off the top of my head...

    I still think someone from Codemasters reversed into a Toyota board member's car last time they visited...

    I think a Fearless Class with the Fiesta WRC '17 and the unreleased Polo WRC would be ace

    I'd much rather have another Group 4 or Group B car to flesh out a class than a single new spec WRC. I find the two car classes thin as it is, I certainly wouldn't want a one car class personally and would much rather have that resource spent somewhere else personally.

    BotaCalor said:
    The Crew has the C3 WRC, Forza has the Fiesta WRC, why cant Codemasters put their hands on them? Thats because its a proper rally game?

    Most likely, yes. Well, it will be a combination of things most likely. It's hard to argue that The Crew or Forza is trying to be a WRC game or use its copyright to sell, whereas DiRT Rally is a focused rally game using actual WRC stages (more than the official game!) and multiple WRC-esque cars (note that none of them use the exact WRC bodyshape or car name). 

    The F1 lawyers seem to be OK with a single car from a year being in a game, but the guys from Kunos implied that they weren't allowed to add multiple ones from different years. F1 also came after Reiza when Automobilista basically shipped 1-to-1 liveries of the F1 grid on a generic car shape. It comes down to whether it's possible to interpret the game as infringing on copyright. WRC don't own rallying on mixed stages, they do have a mark on a global rally series using the cars made to their ruleset (don't forget you need a specific licence to drive the new style cars) and so anything which could be considered trying to get around paying for this representation could make them liable.

    I disagree with you, why you prefer to not have the ultimate Rally Cars because they may be alone in class, I just care about driving it not about seeing in the leaderboard if there is 4 car models or just a Polo WRC, I prefer to have a variety in classes than a lot of cars in each class, at the end you will use the fastest one of each class.
    I hate the Hyundai R5 but I just used that car in DiRT 4 because it was the fastest R5 for example.

  8. WRC doesnt have a RC1 class championship, the drivers championship, drivers with any car can score points, even if they are not registered in WRC2 class. However WRC2 class yes, only RC2 class cars and registered for WRC2 class can score, you cant score a point in WRC2 class with a R2 car even if you beat every WRC2 car. It depends on the scoring regulation, The drivers WRC scoring bases on the overall ranking. A lot of national, continental championships also has this scoring method for the drivers championship, and then per class championships