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  1. JorritVD said:
    Is this something to gossip about? DiRT Facebook page posting something about WRC.
    This is interesting, also VRally4 doesnt have any WRC location, USA, KENYA and MALAYSIA. So if BigBen has the licence and dont use any new generation WRC car, any WRC rally, the are just stupid or silent Codemasters has the licence

  2. Raceroom leaderboards show in which mode have you setted the laptime, which I think it is cool, Sim handling should be locked to use no aids just pure feeling, and arcade apart from an easier handling you can turn on the aids so everyone can play the game and think they drive like ogier lol

  3. Here’s a thought, if Codemasters really are working on WRC 2018 and are now the official licence holders, ...do you think they’ll go for the more ‘sim-cade’ handling style of recent F1 games? or do you think they’ll go for the more ‘simulation’ focussed handling of DiRT Rally given its reception when compared to DiRT 4?

    Personally I really think that if they do have the official licence then they will want to do similarly to what they’ve done with the F1 games any try to maximise the sales and appeal of the games to newcomers, meaning they’ll probably go for a more ‘sim-cade’ and approachable handling style. 
    I also think that if they were to return to the more ‘simulation’ focussed approach then they could use the ‘DiRT Rally’ name as a spin off series for the more hardcore players, ie DiRT Rally 2, 3 etc
    You can have like in D4 two different physics, just leave arcade physics like they were in DiRT4 and tweak Sim physics a bit (R5's and R2's are good in my opinion)

  4. Anyone willing to speculate on what Codemasters posted from the DiRT twitter page? 
    “Nice that @Formula1game gets to announce a new game and that @onrushgame get to launch a beta today! Very cool. 

    ... Not the coolest thing going on at @Codemasters though, if you ask us. ??”

    Sounds like something big is going on behind the scenes related to the DiRT series :)
    It must be WRC8

  5. Oscar97 said:
    bogani said:
    Yeah, I just don't think enough people would pay full price for it. Maybe 29$ or something like that?
    I could see it sell for 60€ if it's got all the championship's tracks (plus Lydden Hill as it's already made), all the 2018 teams and drivers (although the Mégane RS and the i20 licenses would probably be extremely hard to get), a fair amount of S1600s and touring cars, and maybe the Speedcar they've got in DiRT 4, and it would have a fair amount of content.

    But I'm not sure if there's a big enough audience for that.
    No rally no buy for me

  6. dirt3joe said:
    dirt3joe said:
    You could be right.

    But I think you are being a bit unfair re the negative tone. Businesses have to continue to produce, they can't change their schedules on a sixpence because of things that may or may not happen. Sometimes you just have to plan for both eventualities and make the best of it whatever occurs.

    I doubt anyone can plan on having the WRC Official Game license until the papers are signed. And as negative as I am towards D4, in CM's defence there have been games launched in a much worse state than D4. The negativity is not really because of what the game itself is rather the promises and hype that turned out to be false.
    What promises did they make that they didn't keep ? I don't recall them promising specific numbers of tiles (they never said how many tiles there were IIRC). They didn't promise more locations/dlc. They may have said that they wren't happy with the handling, but did they promise to change it ? They promised clubs and delivered - quite late though. Did they promise a new rallycross track ?
    Why they would waste time in D4 if they are involved in a bigger project (WRC8)

  7. BigBen doesn't have the licence anymore, why the studio they have 25% part of it will make a rival for a WRC game that the licence isn't cheap to have it and don't use it. 
    And the rush of the esports is the same, it is because the licence is expiring.
    Codemasters in my opinion is the only studio ready to launch a game this year, and it makes sense the radio silence of D4.