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  1. I come across with what I think is a good idea, it really annoys me the empty online lobbies, people only plays offline.

    But, if the game send a notification to every player that is in the game saying for example: 

    -Fedemaisonnave has created a Session

    -Car: R5

    -Rally: Finland 😜

    -Length: 6 stages

    -Would you like to join the Session?

    So you dont need to wait until someone joins your session or if you find any session with people playing

    I will quote @ChristinaMc so I'm sure she will read my post 😝🙂

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  2. Is the road sound louder in this update? (Gravel and Rocks banging into the floor) I'm hearing it now, and its an awesome feeling, having a slider to tune the volume of it, would be great

  3. I really hope S2 just bring Finland, Wales and Greece, Im loving Monte, for all the DR1 stage haters I'm sure anyone of you are playing this bloody stages because you already know them from DR1...

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  4. Car handling FFB is great the problem is just that it filters the road, if it is slippier/grippier, and bumps, jumps and crashes, you can drive perfectly but it isnt so much immersive in my opinion.

    I like it, but we should feel the ruts not just drive through them by just seeing them, we need road FFB effects urgently 🙂

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  5. 2 hours ago, F2CMaDMaXX said:

    Nope, not technically possible.


    Also, everything from that location sounds the way it does because that's the sound you hear in that location.

    Everything has a solution, I know that sound in the game work that way, but maybe an option in the settings to force cockpit audio while driving on bonnet cam, also chase cam have an amaaaaaazing sound and almost everyone that plays with a wheel cant enjoy it lol

  6. @cmsoundfx I know that it was written somewhere over here, but well I really want to change use cockpit sound while playing on bonnet cam which is the most logical and used cam, but I think the sound in it is awful

    Edit: also ALS is almost impossible to hear it


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  7. 25 minutes ago, dgeesi0 said:

    argentina is one of the best places for me to play  dirt rally 2.0 . at first i was like get ****** with all the rocks but with learning its now one of my favs with the technical differculty that comes with it.

    Argentina's road condition is too smooth in my opinion, the first on the road should be like when it is full rutted in the game, and well starting at the back should be a pain in the ass, like in real life, check paddon's power stage camera in 2016, he was the 20ish car on the road because it was the second pass and it is a ******* ruttedcoaster full of stones in the MIDDLE of the line not only at the side of the road.

    So starting 150th like the game says in a R2 should be a miracle to go through

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  8. Can anyone at Codemasters please tell us an estimated date when the first patch fixing the major bugs will be released? Racenet cant be so slow!! (I have 150mbps Internet).

    I will not stop playing because of the bugs because I love the game, but a lot of people will be annoyed and stop playing 😞

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  9. 13 hours ago, Hoppy321 said:

    So the 2001 Impreza in season 2 dlc yea? 

    I bet that the 2001 Impreza will be in Season 3 with the Focus 2001, Kitcars and maybe some new cars, with the other 3 DR1 Locations, S2 will be 100% RX so maybe 4x Gr B RX cars, Bennett's Mini and maybe the Focus RSRX will complete the 6 cars batch

  10. Who did the pacenotes???, My lord quite impossible to trust them in Argentina some corners are much slower than pacenotes, someones much faster, also some pacenotes are missing, dont know if they doesnt appear because Spanish Codriver is just too slow and already get to the corner while reading the previous pacenote, also it is quite bad translated the pacenotes too long words, if you want to fix them please ask me I can help with spanish ones.

  11. 15 minutes ago, carpa said:

    Looking at that onboard I've understood that it doesn't really matter how long they make the stages in DR2, as long as I can't get past the 2nd kilometer because I've totaled my car

    Actually Breen at the stage end said, I wish it lasted another 30km 🥴🥴🥴

  12. I think that it will be awesome to have the 6x DR1 Rallyes + 3x new Rallyes

    -Ireland (tarmac)

    -Safari (well safari🤷‍♂️)

    -Morocco or Cyprus (Mixed Gravel/Tarmac)

    + No WRC licence problems in the new locations


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