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  1. See23

    DR 2.0 Anti Cheat....

    He (they) could be cheating. If you search “cheating” you’ll find all kinds of threads and comments on this forum. The fact is, it’s not going away anytime soon. Here’s what helps me deal with the anxiety and frustration... I assume 5 seconds per section worth of cheater or genius times and then judge my own driving based on my time less 20 or 40. Thats 20 seconds on a short stage, 40 in a full stage. It keeps me racing and less mad, suspicious and worrying about other people. Life’s to short to stress over it I think if you pay attention to the 5 second rule you’ll start to see a pattern. Hope that at least helps improve your enjoyment level. Happy New Year!
  2. See23

    DR 2.0 Anti Cheat....

    There will always be cheaters and they have to live with themselves. That said... If you break down every sections time difference in a stage you’ll see a pattern of how far behind (or ahead) you are compared to the fastest times. 5 seconds on a section may seem like a lot (that’s actually pretty fast) but break it down by corner, braking points, exit speed and every other variable and those fractions of a second add up pretty fast. Consistency is the key. Some guys are more consistent with one or more aspect of their driving like late braking, hitting apexes and max exit speeds etc.. Paying attention to the type of section and the changes in time gap will help you pinpoint what needs work and what’s working. It takes practice. There will always be prodigies to astound us and make us feel inferior. Years ago it was chess and piano. Now it’s computer games. Can you say “Rain Man”?