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  1. Either I will bring an old F1 team back to life or I will just found my own team "S4lty Racing F1 Team"
  2. F1 2019: Well...it´s the F1 game I put most hours into(over 300), started "real" league racing in this game after a short league at the end of F1 2018. Drove around 50 league races in there and counting(the forum championship is additional to that number). Just a good step forward from 2018.. Assetto Corsa Competizione: Really good game in the GT3 section, also the first game I got into GT3 League racing. The weather, the 24h cycle, it´s just great! Project Cars 2: Many nice cars and a good track selection Assetto Corsa: The modders really did/do
  3. The clip with my death would´ve been interesting/sad to see, but I understand you. Yea, my mistake @UP100, sorry for that! I didn´t expect you to brake so early, but I understand why you did that (because in front of you there was an incident). https://www.motorsport.com/f1/news/pirelli-confirms-new-naming-system-for-2019-f1-tyres/3163939/ https://jalopnik.com/pirelli-replaced-its-garbage-tire-naming-system-in-f1-w-1830994542 Two articles which explain why the tyres got - from my perspective sadly - renamed and recoloured
  4. I would say the second AND the third race will seperate the boys from the men
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