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  1. Yea what can I say...I´m close to Level 27 now and I also got my Level 25 achievement, but my Level 50 achievement shows a progress of Level 14 and it´s not going higher than that.
  2. I can watch all of my highlights in game without big problems (some short freezes), but when I download them to my PC and I want to watch them, it´s just a green screen. It makes no difference if it´s a highlight from a career mode race or if it´s an online race, e.g. an league race. F1_2019_highlights_20190821_120011.webm
  3. NMND

    Online services login error [ZX]

    Yeah, as the title says it, right now online doesn´t work for some players and the message: Error code 7 appears. Fix it asap!
  4. When will you correct the tyre compounds in Austria, Belgium and I think aswell in Russia and Japan? @Faya (Austria has in game: C5, C4, C3 but in reality there were C4, C3, C2 used Belgium will be C3, C2, C1 used and not C4, C3, C2 as it is in the game right now) I´m not sure about Russia and Japan if its correct in game. In Russia will be the C4, C3, C2 tyres used and in Japan C3, C2, C1...
  5. NMND

    Lando Norris streaming F1 2019

    Because he is a real F1 driver and is used to driving like this and not playing this because of having the greatest visibility(you saw that he had no hud at all) but because of playing most realistically.
  6. Second year in a row part of beta testing! Very happy, thank you Codies🤗