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  1. S4lty

    Poll: Music while driving

    I answered both polls above with "No", but that´s only the case if I drive "seriously". If I drive for myself in singleplayer or just for fun in open lobbies, I might turn on some music...
  2. S4lty

    My Quest to Conquer Monaco

    I think it´s experience, practice and also setup. If you want to test my setup, dm me. T-Cam=best cam
  3. S4lty

    My Quest to Conquer Monaco

    Legit fastest times are around 1:07, I can drive 1:09s in my fastest laps, the 1:05s from tt are most likely cheated times.
  4. S4lty

    F1® 2020 | Spain Hotlap

    If I take a look at the times from the qualifying sessions from the Formula 1 Season 2019, I can´t see any track where the track in the F1 2019 game is two seconds slower than in real life.
  5. S4lty

    Color Codes

    Here is the list for the F1 teams, I don´t know if there is one for the F2... https://www.reddit.com/r/formula1/comments/f6dpb7/f1_2020_team_colors_hex_codes/
  6. Either I will bring an old F1 team back to life or I will just found my own team "S4lty Racing F1 Team"
  7. S4lty

    List your 5 most recent enjoyed racing games

    F1 2019: Well...it´s the F1 game I put most hours into(over 300), started "real" league racing in this game after a short league at the end of F1 2018. Drove around 50 league races in there and counting(the forum championship is additional to that number). Just a good step forward from 2018.. Assetto Corsa Competizione: Really good game in the GT3 section, also the first game I got into GT3 League racing. The weather, the 24h cycle, it´s just great! Project Cars 2: Many nice cars and a good track selection Assetto Corsa: The modders really did/do a great job there making the game much more fun than only driving the "normal" content. Especially mods like Sol or the current Formula 1/2/3 cars are enjoyable. The Crew 2: Just an enjoyable arcade open world game in which you can drive cars, boats or whatever/fly planes fast - really fast. It´s a great game to relax.
  8. S4lty

    Forum Championship & Unranked Lobbies.

    The clip with my death would´ve been interesting/sad to see, but I understand you. Yea, my mistake @UP100, sorry for that! I didn´t expect you to brake so early, but I understand why you did that (because in front of you there was an incident). https://www.motorsport.com/f1/news/pirelli-confirms-new-naming-system-for-2019-f1-tyres/3163939/ https://jalopnik.com/pirelli-replaced-its-garbage-tire-naming-system-in-f1-w-1830994542 Two articles which explain why the tyres got - from my perspective sadly - renamed and recoloured
  9. S4lty

    F1® 2020 | Announce Trailer

    In real life the SC would come out there aswell, because both incidents got a heavy impact and the medical car needs to come on to the track and also the debris fly all over the track.
  10. S4lty

    Forum Championship & Unranked Lobbies.

    I would say the second AND the third race will seperate the boys from the men
  11. I would like to add to that that there should maybe be an option in the lobby settings in which you enable that you don´t need to serve drive through penalties or 5sec penalties before they work on your car. As these penalties sometimes are quite random/harsh/applied to the wrong driver and can´t then be removed from stewards afterwards(league races)...
  12. @Mikulitsi Yes, the two hour limit is in the game implemented!
  13. S4lty

    DRS zones Germany, Singapore and Mexico

    Make this happen ASAP, many leagues are slowly coming towards Mexico and that would improve the racing in those leagues. I´m sure about that!
  14. S4lty

    Fix Suzuka Bump PLS

    @sloppysmusic I just hope they take the laserscanned tracks from PCars 2 to F1 2020, that would be great as they just bought SMS