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  1. Hey, Can someone please help? I recently purchased F1 2109 and finding my old graphics card was not powerful enough, I upgraded. The game ran on my old card which was a GTX 460, but had to run everything on ultra low. I purchased a GTX 1660ti and now the game won't load. I run it through steam. In DX12 mode it just crashes after launch before anything. In DX11 mode it loads the intros up to the "press any key" screen then crashes. I cannot get into the game itself. I'm an IT techie so have done numerous things. I have re-validated the steam files, I have run the game with the steam -safemode switch, I have deleted graphic config files. I have even re-installed the game. Crucially, If I put the old card back in, it loads again. Now I know the obvious conclusion, the card is at fault, but I am running the latest NVIDIA drivers, and have stress tested the graphics card to check for faults and it runs on a stress test for hours no problem. It's a brand new card. I'm not convinced the new card is faulty, I think there is some other issue. But can't pin-point it. I know a clean install of Win 10 is one route, but i'd rather not unless really have to. I'm running Windows 10 x64 Core i5-7600k @ 3.8ghz 8GB RAM 256GB SSD 620W PSU Not doing any overclocking Latest patch of game 1.20 Can anyone help? Thanks in advance
  2. Hi @BarryBL It is difficult to find further examples of this, but here is another relating to the excessive corner cut penalties. This was from our league race on wednesday. Same format. Track was Mexico. Completely excessive corner cut penalties. To put this into context, you receive a 10sec corner cut penalty for straight lining the 1st chicane at monza at high speed. It is hugely OTT for some reason, especially under SC conditions which is a controlled pace. I can say with a high degree of certainty that this never happened before that latest patch with regards to safety car fixes. : Thanks mj_coop
  3. Platform: PS4 Game version: 1.20 Game mode: Multiplayer unranked Lobby Players: 15, two had retired. 2 spectators Lead up to problem: Safety car deployed after a collision between two drivers. Most cars had pitted for fresh tyres. Can you replicate the issue? Tell us how here: Not tried What troubleshooting have you attempted?: N/A Error code: N/A
  4. A bug appears to have surfaced since the introduction of patch 1.20. During a 50% League Race on wednesday evening using the new patch, under the safety car the game handed out numerous excessive corner cut and collision penalties. Drivers received corner cut warnings/penalties, numerous drivers received 5 second on the spot penalties and one driver received a 10 second on the spot penalty for corner cutting. Also three drivers received 5 second penalties for severe collision, which they barely nudged the driver in front. Under the safety car, is impossible to make any advantage with the corner cuts as it is a controlled pace, so is nonsense really. Also have never seen this before in this game until this patch was applied. The issue appears that penalties are handed out far for excessively Can this be investigated why the new patch has decided to start handing out excessive corner cut & collision penalties under the SC? Video link: https://youtu.be/CPDrRWmEzgk?t=3471 Starts at 55.14 55.14 Severe Collision 57.55 3 second penalty 58.28 10 second penalty 59.13 5 second penalty 59.40 Severe collision 1:00.03 5 second penalty 1:00.10 2 X Severe collision Thanks