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  1. 5 hours ago, Eagleizer said:

    The rhythmic stutter is best documented in the Frametime graph. This is using driver 378.92,

    which is the driver that gives the least stutter. It is sometimes better after a restart, but comes

    back after a while and eventually the game will hang. Unless I CTRL+ALT+DEL within 10 seconds

    or so, my whole PC will hang and I have to force close it. I have tried all drivers, 3 different GFX

    cards (2 EVGA 1080 FTW and GIGABYTE GTX 1080Ti), 2 different MB (ASUS x99 Deluxe and Deluxe II) 

    I have bought a 3rd MB (ASUS ROG RAMPAGE V EDITION 10), but have not tried it yet, because I

    want to see if the new update 1.5 improves on anything first.


    Codemasters have been acting worse than I would expect from any dev. in relation to this problem,

    and is a complete disgrace. So far I have wasted more than $1200 trying to find hardware that is

    circumventing these BUGs.  Codemasters could at least have tried to communicate some statistics

    and work with us to try to get to the bottom of this problem, but unfortunately, they don't care... 

    Since they asked us to send DxDiag to Support back in february, I have heard NOTHING.


    Turning OFF all USB does not change anything for me, and using other drivers than 387.92, makes

    the game totally unplayable. Picture below is with driver 378.92. Frametimes spikes every 10 seconds

    and there are normally more large spikes in a stage than here. The long line at the end is when the 

    game is windowed in the menu, and inactive. Activating it will trigger the Frametimes seen in the

    beginning, before I start the stage. The picture is from February 24., but nothing have changed...


    Try actual chipset driver this solve problem for me

  2. I can't feel track degradation.  This take that long time to repair FFB because track degradation it's only texture not the real bumping track.  Next time before Tnx codemasters for fix something first check changes 

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  3. In the past there was discussion about physics and realistic things of the racing car in the forum.  Now there is discussion about dirt rally 2 and how it is realistic game on the pad.  I don't want to live on this planet anymore.  I have one  wish.  Be so kind  and bring back one more path to dirt rally 1. Bring back tarmac physic  version 1. I am with you from the times 0.1 Beta dirt rally.  There was a beautifull days.  Thanks for this game.  This days everything  must be sold and bring money but there is much group  of old players that  like realism and mastering one stage until u can end clear without crash.  Not my times anymore.  If u not support dirt rally 1 please bring back tarmac  physics vs to the masterpiece dirt rally 1

    Best regrets 

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