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    Tut mir sehr leid GianLuca, wir hosten aktuell nur auf PC. Trotzdem danke für dein Interesse. Welche Mail meinst du? Vielen Dank
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    Die ultimative Liga für jedermann! Egal ob alt, jung, schnell, langsam, erfahren, unerfahren: Hier hast du IMMER Spaß. Sowohl auf als auch neben der Strecke Was wir bieten: Erstklassiges Racing Faire Zweikämpfe Wachsende Community Medienpräsenz + Live-Übertragung der Rennen (Ab Saison 2.) Was du bieten solltest: Freundlichkeit Geduld Fähig sein, faire Zweikämpfe zu führen Du erfüllst unsere Kriterien? Melde dich gerne bei uns wenn du Interesse hast mitzufahren, oder mehr über GermanRacing erfahren willst. Schreibe dich noch heute in die Geschichtsbücher bei GermanRacing ein. Wir freuen uns auf dich! Discord: NickNägler#4316 https://f1.demons-gaming.cc/ Website noch im Aufbau
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    Errorcode 500:H [ZX]

    Have the same error code
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    COR Cobra Online Racing PC

    Seems like an awesome league. As I wrote in the application, I would recommend you to do the following: If you do quali + race at the same evening I would appreciate it, if it would start at 7pm UK. If it would start 8pm UK then I guess I would loose to much sleep beeing a student from Germany.
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    Falsely banned/ or bug?

    Komisch haha, freut mich dass es klappt
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    Falsely banned/ or bug?

    Setups ausm Workshop geladen? LG
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    Thoughts after 1 seasons in career

    It would be so much better if the prices of the upgrades for the player and the ai would be doubled. And here it is, you will most likely never get full maxed before season 5
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    Falsely banned/ or bug?

    Moin. Haste irgendwelche Liveries oder sonst was installiert?
  11. I got the F1 rim. ERS down is at 9 (K) and up is on 10 (PL) Fuel isnt mapped
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    No. But Baku is a good track for me. @Oaktr33 in the game Baku is one of the worst tracks for McLaren
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    Silly mid-season driver transfers..

    Sorry @Faya But great news you noticed that and at least are looking in to it . Top
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    Silly mid-season driver transfers..

    Spread it guys. They need to fix it. Please
  15. Hey! I bought the Dirt Rally 2.0 Deluxe Edition before the release of the game, 21.2.19 I just started the game to test the 2 new cars of season 1, but they arent appearing. In the shop, it says I am able to buy them! But I bought them by buying the deluxe edition, didnt I? I then saw, that it says Season 1 + Season 2 INSTALLED. Arent they just available, is sth wrong with my account or I am getting fooled? If just the cars´arent available for me, no big problem. But I want the stuff I paid for! Dont see it as hate, but I am actually very nervous to not get the content! Nick
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    F1 2020 Features — Suggestions and Ideas

    Well said mate. Finally, a great post instead of begging for a feature in one sentence 🙂 If I would have to pick one of your points, it would be the Outlap. It just adds so much more immersion, I would kill people to have this feature implemented 😄 And honestly it wouldnt be that hard to implement, guess Codies are lazy haha. You did a great job guys, and as @TheTomatoes already said: Listen to the community even more for the next title. Graphics are awesome, but we NEED changes to the Gameplay. We need something new to get hyped. I mean, I am hyped for F1 2019, but what will be next for 2020? I hope that WE can decide what features to come next for 2020. thx
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    F1 2019 looks awesome, but I NEED 2 things to be changed. REMOVE THE GRAY FADE AFTER A RETIRMENT. PLEASE. PLEASE. IT TAKES ALL THE EXCITEMENT OFF. And second, let us choose the weather in career mode and dont lock it AGAIN please. Please. Please.
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    What's your current Career Mode Team Ranking?

    For me it is nearly the same. Seems to be a bit scripted haha. I know many people having Red Bull number 1 and Mercedes going down the order
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    Game monitor vs TV: can you get faster laptimes?

    It is completely up to you. But for sure, a gaming monitor can help by being able to react faster, just because the input lag is decreased. So, yeah I would say so, but dont expect to be 2 seconds faster due to a gaming monitor
  20. And in career? Whole F2 season in career? Or can you just do a whole F2 season in championship mode and the 3 races are for career? Sry
  21. Can anybody tell me if we can do a full season of f2 in the career mode or just 3 races?
  22. I just watched other videos, and some are saying you are really just gonna do 3 races with F2 in career. If thats the case, I will be HIGHLY disappointed
  23. There will be a story, and in F1 for example Hamilton could say: Yeah, Nick is a really nice guy, he has bright future ahead I think, hes doing a great job! Or Verstappen could say: He is an idiot. He cant even finish a race! Yeah sounds a bit weird haha. But you know what others are saying in interviews and you have a relation to them
  24. As far as I understood, there will be a full season of F2, and you just battle your rivals on 3 different scenarios. But I dont no whats meant with the 3 scenarios. No idea