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  1. Firstly apologies for a video recorded via a phone. There is a bug where you get randomly dsq while going into pits under full SC at hanoi. Happend in xbox in an online lobby. VID_20200806_222240.mp4
  2. Fantastic news and a real step in the right direction. thank you.
  3. I dont understand what angle your taking here? Correct, the community forum is for the community. Hence why we are all here voicing an opinion. This is the official codemasters forums though that they do monitor. It would actually be less work for them at this time to update everyone on this issue - the thread would probably die off once they started communicating.
  4. It is beyond infuriating, knowing you are monitoring this thread but have no comments regarding any of the issues raised.
  5. How do we know that Codies are aware of the issue bar a few 1 liners from some forums mods? We have had 0 communication from them what soever, which is only alienating and infuriating people further. this thread would have far less comments if we actually had some communication and feedback from the codies team. They want us to voice opinions on their game and how to improve it. Well here we are communicating - just a shame its currently a 1 way street.
  6. Of course i would rather interact with people being more civil, i dont get why you are sticking to that point when i have reiterated twice already that i agree with you. saying that, it doesnt mean that a voiced opinion should be ignored. Quite frankly codemasters interaction with us is actually very lackluster. the only posts i see from them are patch notes which are easily accessible and required anyway, and a few other cryptic messages. People are coming here to voice opinions in numbers, and have received 0 proper response, Codemasters have pretty much washed their hands with thi
  7. I think you completely missed the point where i agreed with you about being abusive not having any place here. Regardless i will comment on your other points, yes we are talking about a computer game, one that you also care enough to find yourself on a forum for a game so you obviously care enough to voice your opinion. The part about regardless about doing his/her job enough? Well if i wasnt doing my job i certainly wouldn't remain employed for long. There are hundreds of people on this forums screaming for answer yet we get nothing. At the end of the day us purchasing
  8. Completely agreed. It probably didnt come across great, but yes there is no need for it, but as a paying customer of a game you can understand when a product doesnt meet up to stands. Backed up by the fact that a large amount of sales are digital now and its nigh on impossible to get a refund if you are not satisfied (however not completed codemasters fault) Dont get me wrong im not defending people being foul mouthed on a forum, but surely they must realise why people feel this way? Most companies with any sense in this day and age have good community managements teams scouring foru
  9. People probably wouldn't feel the need to if you actually gave more then a half arsed response to one of the largest issues with the game, Its abysmal to think that the size of this thread has not actually managed to get more then a awfully coded message from you so far. Saying that, at this point I believe the lack of communication from you regarding it just means we will not be seeing any sort of updates to solve this and you just dont want to come out and outright say it - just to leave the carrot dangling in front of our faces.
  10. its been a long Monday! thanks will edit that now :)
  11. Incorrect, they will need to add the option of "realistic" cars as well.
  12. Still Utterly embarrassing that we have only received "blanket responses" to this issue. Look at the traction this thread alone has gained. If 1.0.7 comes out shortly without even acknowledging they are aware of this. Codemasters have really failed this game.
  13. This thread needs to be stickied to the front page and demand an official response from codemasters. I appreciate and understand the push for eSports but currently a massive amount of the player base is being alienated not having such simple features in the game. Online championship needs to come back. End of.
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