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  1. I was wondering of more People are gonna restart their career mode. I think i will IF the performance table completly gets shuffled.
  2. Thefallenone5493

    patch 1.05 ruined AI

    I don't have the patch yet. It would be a shame if they removed the fighting spirit of the AI.
  3. Thefallenone5493

    Anyone else despise Monaco?

    Monaco, I am also so bad at it. Sometimes i just simulate it XD
  4. Thefallenone5493

    Who is gonna start a new career after performance update?

    No you dont have to restart your career. But maybe the performance of the cars gets shuffled. So that Williams moves further back on the grid and stuff like that.
  5. Thefallenone5493

    Who is gonna start a new career after performance update?

    A good one..i will add that anwser also
  6. Thefallenone5493

    Rear lights not working on Ps4 [ZX]

    Yea i saw that. Verry happy with that 🙂
  7. Thefallenone5493

    Rear lights not working on Ps4 [ZX]

    I love to play offline and the lack of working rear lights are bothering me. It is true that they also should fix the other stuff. But there are other topics for that.
  8. Thefallenone5493

    Aletory penalty

    I also had a 5 place grid penalty in quali, i think for destroying a fast lap for the ai 😛
  9. Thefallenone5493

    Safety Car is so hard to bring out ...

    I am at Austria now. So far i had a safety car in 3 races. So no complains from me.
  10. Thefallenone5493

    No animation for moving hands or wheel in F1 2019

    Did you also go to display settings and uncheck or check on steering wheel animations?
  11. Thefallenone5493

    Rear lights not working on Ps4 [ZX]

    Agreed. IT looks like its only on the ps4 pro!
  12. Thefallenone5493

    best ERS & fuel technique??

    I do use low ERS in low speed parts of the track. But some times i do need to Harvest from time to time. And when i need to atack i do turn it up.
  13. Thefallenone5493

    No Online Championship on F1 2019

    I have to agree the have to add online championship again. Even better would be CO-op career. Ahhh dreams....
  14. Thefallenone5493

    No Gearbox Grid Penalty [ZX]

    @Faya could you also move this to the technical section
  15. Thefallenone5493

    No Gearbox Grid Penalty [ZX]

    PS4 pro, Career mode of course.
  16. Thefallenone5493

    Rear wing LED lights missing?

    @Faya Could you merge this with the excisting topic about the rain/rear lights.
  17. Thefallenone5493

    F1 2019 Wheel no hands or locked in cockpit view

    I thought you could do this in the display options.
  18. Thefallenone5493

    Center stack on Halo not removable in 2019

    its indeed the same, you can turn it of in the camera options on all platforms
  19. Thefallenone5493

    No Gearbox Grid Penalty [ZX]

    Yes i also have experienced this. I had a gearbox change for the race after qualifying. I saw that i had a penalty but i started at the exact same place as i qualified.
  20. Thefallenone5493

    R&D System 2019

    I started with a mid team. i am at Monaco now. I just only do they track accla, the quali, and the race strategy. It doesn't goes to fast for me. And indeed you don't have to spend them on performance upgrades. But it would be awesome if there was a sort of budget for teams. Like the mid teams have a lower budget so it would be like a real challenge to be a wdc contender with a mid team.
  21. Thefallenone5493

    Silly mid-season driver transfers..

    I am happy they added the driver transfers. Thank for that. But silly seaon just got a new meaning. I mean you don't leave for a other team when you WDC contender. So it would be great indeed of they made the top 10 not be able to move to a other team mid seaon. I hope they can fix that.
  22. Thefallenone5493

    90 Years Livery on the Ferrari?

    Mostly they do a one time livery update, lets hope its the 90 years livery 🙂
  23. Thefallenone5493

    Rear wing LED lights missing?

    There is a topic about it in the technical section. All the rear lights are missing on the PS4 version. And i also heard they are missing on the xbox version as well.
  24. Thefallenone5493

    Rear lights not working on Ps4 [ZX]

    Ok that is strange, Hope they will fix it with a fast patch. Cause i do miss it 😞
  25. Thefallenone5493

    Rear lights not working on Ps4 [ZX]

    Thx @Faya I am playing on the ps4 pro. And Its in all the sessions. Career, grand prix, F1,F2, multiplayer. In the Rain you Can see them only as reflection on the road.