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  1. They could add one car to both 2010s and 2000s(Polo and Lancer?) and  one new class with three cars(S2000?). Well that's my theory anyway as we would have 3 cars per modern class. Thoughts?
  2. http://www.twitch . tv/dirtgame/v/18477626 So around 28:40 did Paul talk about a possible track editor? or more tracks? edit: for some reason it doesn't link the the last stream, just remove the spaces from the link above and it should link you directly to the past broadcast.
  3. I hope the polo makes the cut, I really want to drive it.
  4. https://twitter.com/Kick_Up/status/642642951131254784
  5.   Isn't it always by the end of the month?
  6. I guess someone's salty because they didn't get their update today.
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