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  1. Depends entirely on the available sponsors and decals whether I take it seriously or not, if its not just generic three colour schemes with blank spaces all over Ill just do a 5 lap 0 difficulty season to get any trophies and never play it again.....BUT if they actually implement something serious then Ill revive the Orange and Black used by Arrows in the early 00s
  2. Hi @Faya here is some more screen shots to show you what we are dealing with, In italy I came second and my points went up by a few points, happy days, but not a whole lot? then I come 3rd in the german race and I lose points..how? its a podium place this kind of grind is crazy when there is absolutely no rhyme or reason to how points are distrubuted
  3. @Hoo I know its not as simple to just code in a fix so we appreciate the reply! It would great if you didnt lose points, just got 0, its an unfortunate thing that the online experience is ruined by griefers and to see your score suffer at the hands of them is soul destroying
  4. Ive lost points twice today for placing 2nd and 4th respectivly in a lobby with 14 and a lobby with 10, also experienced a lobby that left us on the starting grid for around 5 minutes before multiple people left, after the race I experienced an errorcode (CE-34878-0) and upon reboot I had subsequently lost points, anyone else experienced this in the game or was it my ps4?
  5. Thats Thats because theyre not gonna change it, all of this will have fallen on deaf ears unfortunately
  6. @Patricko I am on PS4 as well, this was just one particular person who annoyed me yesterday evening, because I was late to the lobby I started at the back and thus had to fight my way to the front and then met this guy in 4th
  7. Hi @Faya this is what we are dealing with online and why it is next to impossible to increase our skill rating Can I suggest maybe allowing skill points to be earned for the weekly events? and like has already been suggested maybe a buff to the skill points earned and a serious Nerf to the ones we lose, I am finally back up to over 1700 but that was after I lost nearly 300, it took 4 races to lose but nearly a full day to get back up to 1700 but my safety rating has also suffered as I dropped from S to C having to deal with the worst kind of drivers online! I really hope that you can help a
  8. i am now down to 1560, @Faya my name online is RenzokukeNxcii, why is it so toxic to play online? its been 10 years, you imagine you would have acomplished something to stop griefers
  9. What a joke, started today on 1866, finished up at 1700, taken out 3 races in a row, @Faya will anything be done about dirty drivers online? the superlicence is not fit for purpose at the moment, too little points for winning and too many for losing, skill rating is a joke
  10. @Faya nothing like a good ole destruction derby to ruin the online experience, seriously fed up with this game
  11. The Skill rating system is absolutely ridiculous, I logged off yesterday with just over 1800, I log on today and Im down to 1650, @Faya what is the point of a Skill system that just punishes everyone?
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