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  1. mistermouse13

    Multi-Class Championship

    Viper Online Racing is hosting a Multi-Class Championship on PC. There will be 5 races. We start with F2, then the classics (C3, C2, C1) and end with modern F1. Every Race has a different format. More details can be found on our discord, from where the league is run. Sign ups just opened, so join our discord and sign up! https://discord.gg/6yffPRx January next year we will be hosting a full formula 1 season. Feel free to ask any questions below, or join our discord and ask them there. See you on the grid!
  2. mistermouse13

    New league starting up.

    We will let the community vote on that! More on that will be announced this weekend.
  3. mistermouse13

    New league starting up.

    Hi there, We are a new PC league that is just starting up. Januari 2020 we will start a full f1 season on f1 2019. For the rest of 2019 we will do some smaller and fun competitions! Interested? Here is the invite to our Discord from where the league is run: https://discord.gg/6yffPRx If you have any questions feel free to ask them below, or just join the discord 😉
  4. mistermouse13

    ERS-deployment problems

    If you go to the controls, you will find the shortcuts tab (last tab). There you can bind increase ERS and decrease ERS to easy to reach buttons. That way you can switch to manual. Also you can switch your ERS just before and after the corner when you are done steering. You barely lose any time with that. Less time than with auto ERS.
  5. When I play F1 2019 I regularly get the error: "lost connection to steam" when playing online. My internet is still up and running when it happens, so that is not the problem. I tried restarting of course. Do any of you guys know a solution?
  6. mistermouse13


    If you qualified on the medium, then it works fine. The mandatory tyre sets (medium and hard) are reserved for the race. The medium tyre you get in quali is not one of these sets. So if you start on that tyre you still need to switch to the mandatory set (medium/hard).