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  1. wendsoncarvalho

    Grid team order update

    I would like to know when Codemasters will update the team order in F12020. Ferrari is very unreal in the top positions next to Mercedes and Red Bull Racing. Codemasters, it's past time for you to put Ferrari in the place where it should be, which is behind Mercedes, Red Bull Racing, Racing Point, Mclaren and Renault.
  2. wendsoncarvalho

    F1 2020 teams order

    Does anyone know how to answer the criteria that Codemasters uses to define the order of the teams in the game, if it considers the pre-season times or if it considers the classification of the constructors of the previous season? I never understand why Ferrari is ALWAYS ahead of Mercedes even though Mercedes has dominated F1 for the past 6 years.
  3. wendsoncarvalho

    F1 2020 teams order

    Alguém sabe como responder aos critérios que a Codemasters usa para definir a ordem das equipes no jogo, se considerar os tempos de pré-temporada ou se considerar a classificação dos construtores da temporada anterior? Eu nunca entendo por que a Ferrari está SEMPRE à frente da Mercedes, apesar de a Mercedes dominar a F1 nos últimos 6 anos.
  4. wendsoncarvalho

    F1 2020 Improvement of engine sounds

    I agree that the sound of the engines has evolved compared to the last F1 games, yet it is far behind the sounds of the F1 engines at Assetto Corsa. The sounds of the car engines on the Assetto Corsa are incredibly identical.