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  1. Hi @V1Rotate I can confirm that the 'hold' overtake ers mode works perfectly fine for me (PS5 & T300rs). Unfortunately I am unable to show any video footage as I don't have a Web cam and to show this particular problem you would really need to see both the player and the screen at the same time. I'm no expert but from speaking with my friends and reading all of these comments I do belive it could be PS5 specific and affects both wheel and controller. If I can be of any more help please let me know. 👍
  2. Found this posted in F1 2020, thought it would be helpful to reference it here as it definitely supposed to be in F1 2021 section and is for this exact same issue 👍
  3. I have the exact same issue using the same wheel and PS5. My friend also has the same issue with his Fanatec on PS5. None of my friends on PS4 are experiencing this. I think this issue may be PS5 specific. On a side note, as temporary fix I set the ERS Overtake to Hold in the settings and this works fine. I actually now prefer to deploy the ERS in this way instead of the select/deselect.
  4. On the beta forum go to 'BETA Week 3 Objectives - ALL TESTERS HERE PLEASE' There is a post from UP100 requesting you to comment with a thumbs up 👍 so they can log everyone who has not recieved the code
  5. @BarryBL Sorry to be a pain but could we possibly get an update on the emails please? Still waiting for my PS4 code and I have booked tomorrow off work especially to test all day and provide as much feedback as possible. Thanks in advance 👍
  6. @BarryBL I haven't recieved a code yet either (ps4)
  7. So have the emails with the codes been sent out then? As I am yet to receive also...
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