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  1. Hi guys, can you tell me if there are those who still have a problem with full race replays? They don't work for me at all. When watching the replay, all the cars are standing still. My friends also have such a problem. Can someone tell me how to solve it yourself?

  2. 30 minutes ago, BarryBL said:

    Try moving it a little more into view. Possibly try taking camera shake off a bit (will help experience anyways)

    Unfortunately, this didn't help. even if i move the panel, it moves with it


  3. 5 minutes ago, Getts0388 said:

    @Aleksey1991Do you have any of your buttons mapped to overlap something that might cause this when you start a race? Something like the the clutch command and MFD control command mapped to the same button???

    I am now using the standard control scheme and the problem persists. But I've never had a radio button that was the same as any other

  4. Guys, help me out with some useful advice.
    I wrote a report, but no one has even responded.
    What could it be?
    As soon as I start a race, the engineer's voice panel always comes out and breaks the mfd. It comes out on its own. There's no way to switch it. Can't call up the mfd menu, can't do anything with this panel.Reinstalling the game and checking the files didn't help anything. When disconnecting the mfd from the interЙReinstalling the game and checking the files didn't help anything. When disconnecting mfd from the interface this panel still remains. The engineer can't hear my voice, I can only switch voice commands manually. Am I the only one with this problem???


  5. I don't think I've seen such a report on such an error here, so I'm writing. Don't scold me if there was one. I can't switch mfd except to switch voice commands only.

    • A detailed description of the issue

    For some reason after last update 1.06.800360 mfd stopped working.

    • Report Code 


    • Platform


    • Game-mode

    This error appears in any game mode, both single player, paired career mode and multiplayer. It appears when I'm on the track, both in practice and qualifying and in races.

    • What troubleshooting have you tried? Please list everything you tried

    Tried changing the control device. Checked the integrity of the game files. Reinstalled the game completely.

    • How do you make the problem happen? Please add a step-by-step guide here so we can replicate and get reported as quick as possible.

    All you have to do is switch on any game mode, and start any session of the race weekend. While driving around the track, this problem occurs.

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