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    any idea if this also effects PC gamers using PS3 pads? atm i am planning to use a USB adaptor with a PS3 pad on my PC for Autosport.

    Autosport Corner Cutting

    Thx for a fast and clear responce Britpoint :) I do have another question : has there been any Autosport in game footage released yet (or plans to do so) of a full grid race involving non AI cars? All the footage I have seen so far from the Blog and Youtube footage shows single player racing against AI cars only, talking about handling and set ups etc - which is great - but I would love to see how an Autosport race pans out with full grid of non AI drivers, to see how these game mechanics such as the new corner cutting mechanic affect other players. I believe it would give a good perspective of true gameplay to people currently sitting on the fence who are thinking about purchasing this game. I believe you did something similar before Grid2 release, showing codemaster employees all driving NSX's on Algarve, appologies if such footage is already out there, and any link would be appreciated.  

    Autosport Corner Cutting

    But they probably will block someone ? XD Imagine this scenario Loore, which is going to happen many times to many autosport players : - race starts as normal with everyone holding position through corner 1. - players form a single conga line heading for corner 2, lead car goes way off track before corner 2 ignoring it completly taking a large advantage in time over the 2nd placed car. - lead car rejoins track still in 1st position but receives corner cut penalty - reduced speed and ghost form. - the players in 2nd 3rd and 4th position decide to drive through the now penalized ghosting lead car, with the conga line following closely on optimum racing line. so my question is this Loore : at what point does the ghost car become solid ? does it spawn in mid pack infront of people who had no idea a slow moving car would "spawn" infront of them, causing pile ups + spins, forcing them to use flashbacks? No doubt ghosting a car receiving a corner cut penalty in autosport is an improvement on the Grid2 sudden brick wall car penalty, which led to instant pile ups and frustration for everyone behind the car receiving the penalty (especially more so in hardcore), it remains imo a very poor way to penalise anyone during gameplay, because more often than not it will have a negative gaming experience on usually more than one players who are unable to avoid becoming involved with the result of the car receiving the penalty that is moving at an unrealistic and extremely slow speed.  Anyone that played grid2 for long enough will have experienced such frustrating situations - turning into an upcoming corner with good speed only to have an extemely slow moving car "spawn" right beside your car - causing you both to slam into the upcoming corner - which caused any amount of cars following closely to also become involved in an unavoidable pile up at the corner. This process is then hillariously repeated as multiple flashbacks are used by the players involved at the initial pile up and players who were further at the back of the pack receive this group of "spawning" cars around them, who are almost forced to use flashbacks themselves through no fault of their own as cars spawn around them mid corner. It is really not uncommen for just 1 player to make a mistake and receive a corner cut penalty or use a flashback to force everyone else to do likewise. Grid2 had many problems, one of them was frustrating gameplay from such situations. I have played long enough to see many groups of friends joining games together at low level and leaving together mid race, after cursing at the game mechanics. The bottom line for you at Codemasters is such frustrated players will rarely stick around long enough to buy the inevitable 3:99euro McLaren P1 DLC :p So what are the alternatives? how about players receiving a "dirty tyre" icon on screen after they go off track, the longer they stay off track, the longer the duration that this penalty persists - which causes lack of traction in corners and reduced acceleration and top speed as the wheels fail to grip. Going off track for 2 - 3 seconds and the dirty tyres penalty could last around half a lap. An off track trip of 4 - 6 seconds and the player could receive such a penalty for 1 lap duration until the tyres clean themselves up, as they do in real life, as long as they remain on track. Players who continuously corner cut, or continue to stay off track could receive this penalty multiple times which would also stack, "encouraging" the player to stay on track in future. I understand that some tracks will not always have grass and earth around the track such as yas marina, but this penalty could be explained as running offtrack into dirty tarmac areas that have rubber "marbles" that we see in formula1 / indycar etc, resulting in the same "dirty tyres" penalty. Perhaps this could be described as "unrealistic" but it is far more realistic than what is being proposed for autosport, which has Harry Potter waving his wand at flashbacking / corner cutting penalized cars and casting the spell "makeus invisableus" and Hermoine casting "makeus solidus" a few seconds later :p