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  1. Schlecht, what is your steam in game tag?
  2. any idea if this also effects PC gamers using PS3 pads? atm i am planning to use a USB adaptor with a PS3 pad on my PC for Autosport.
  3. Thx for a fast and clear responce Britpoint :) I do have another question : has there been any Autosport in game footage released yet (or plans to do so) of a full grid race involving non AI cars? All the footage I have seen so far from the Blog and Youtube footage shows single player racing against AI cars only, talking about handling and set ups etc - which is great - but I would love to see how an Autosport race pans out with full grid of non AI drivers, to see how these game mechanics such as the new corner cutting mechanic affect other players.
  4. But they probably will block someone ? XD Imagine this scenario Loore, which is going to happen many times to many autosport players : - race starts as normal with everyone holding position through corner 1. - players form a single conga line heading for corner 2, lead car goes way off track before corner 2 ignoring it completly taking a large advantage in time over the 2nd placed car. - lead car rejoins track still in 1st position but receives corner cut penalty - reduced speed and ghost form. - the players in 2nd 3rd and 4th position decide to drive throug
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