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  1. Bertelli in a "new" team for 2016 driving in Fiesta WRC prepared and run by M-Sport's customer team. No name for the team yet. Will drive all except China. http://www.wrc.com/en/wrc/news/november-2015/bertelli-in-2016/page/3028--12-12-.html
  2. Yep dev build was updated 2mins ago but no info on 0.8 yet.
  3. Yep today is the day. Here's the reddit post for today's show, please send your questions there :) 
  4. Where are you getting this info? https://steamdb.info/app/310560/history/
  5. v0.8 was also just updated to Steam (not released).
  6. The roads were like motorways, plenty of space to make even big errors and still recover easily. Have to say it looked a lot better than I thought but then hearing him say "they made it fun and approachable" and I was like "so arcade it is". Watching WRC pov videos and the cars do actually sound like vacuum cleaners so I'm not sure if the sound is completely off there, but it could be a bit beefier ^^
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